Patented Object-Based Technology Achieves Large-scale Bandwidth and Storage Savings for Enterprises vs. Block Level Deduplication

MARLBOROUGH, MA, September 21, 2011 –/– Copiun, a leading provider of mobile endpoint data management solutions for the enterprise mobile workforce, today announced that it received US Patent no. 7,925,683 B2, covering the company’s innovative object-based data deduplication technology, which enables enterprises to achieve extensive bandwidth and storage savings when using Copiun’s laptop backup software to move data from the edge to the datacenter.

Copiun’s unique approach to global, object-based backup deduplication offers compelling bandwidth and storage savings versus traditional deduplication technologies, especially for enterprises with large numbers of remote and mobile employees who connect to the corporate network over a WAN or 3G/4G network.

“Object based deduplication offers compelling reduction in the storage and bandwidth needs for PC backup vs. traditional methodologies – making it easier to backup remote users over slow, intermittent networks”, said Sheila Childs, Research Director in Gartner’s Storage Strategies and Technologies group.

In contrast to traditional block-based technologies, Copiun’s object-based backup deduplication detects embedded objects like images, slides, worksheets and PST file attachments across unrelated files spread throughout the entire enterprise, and only transmits and stores those objects once, providing 3-5 times better efficiency than block-level and other data deduplication technologies.

“Today’s mobile enterprises face major challenges backing up sensitive corporate data living on endpoints of remote users, while maintaining efficient use of bandwidth and storage,” said Sanjay Jain, co-founder and CTO of Copiun. “Enterprises have thousands of instances of logos, images and PST file attachments embedded in different documents across multiple endpoints in different locations. Copiun’s object-based technology will find this common data and store and transmit it only once, resulting in substantial savings.”

Copiun’s backup deduplication technology offers the following benefits:

  • Massive Storage Reduction: The corporate logo and other common items are likely embedded in thousands of documents across the enterprise. These units of data are stored only once.
  • Bandwidth Savings: Global deduplication begins at the source (a laptop or desktop) and ensures that duplicate data never travels to the data center, thus providing tremendous bandwidth savings, enabling efficient and cost-effective backups for remote and mobile users with very little network impact.
  • Ultimate PST Backup: PST file backup, historically an expensive and hard to manage chore, is simplified since object-level deduplication ensures only one copy of the attachment is backed up across laptops and desktops.
  • Scalable, Nearly Continuous Backups: The efficiency of Copiun’s object-based backup deduplication enables hundreds of simultaneous desktop and laptop backup sessions, enabling enterprises to efficiently backup thousands of endpoints without impacting the end users.

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About Copiun
Copiun provides unparalleled endpoint data management solutions designed to address data access, backup, and security challenges associated with today’s mobile users and the multiple devices they carry. As enterprises increasingly supply users with laptops instead of desktops, and embrace tablet proliferation, Copiun’s innovative technologies enable secure mobile access to data from tablets, laptops, or smartphones, whether maintained in a backup repository or corporate data store.

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