September 27, 2011

CoreVault Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Dentists + Cloud Backup & Recovery = Smart Choice (3 Videos)

“Many people get scared about technology” say Jeff Cato and Edward Wallace, in the three part video series for Dentists on Automation and Data security (entitled “Dentists +Recovery = Smart Choice”), but technology is not frightening if you learn how “dentist practice can be made heck of a lot easier” with it. Though dentists are conscious of data risks, most of them are really “doing nothing at all” by backing up their data to tapes and removable hard drives. The backup process is not automatic and successfully divorces the dentist from the data. Data recovery from tapes may also involve third party vendors and uncertainties.

Migrating to the cloud automates the process of backup with multiple recovery options, leaving the dentist free to do what they do well while companies like CoreVault “do what they really do well”. Installing the software takes minutes, with the guarantee that everything else will be taken care of, thereafter. The dentist remains connected 24/7 and getting the data back is simple as clicking a button and selecting the file to be recovered.

In video 2, the duo agree that dentists have no call to put their “data and reputation at risk when all this can be automated, encrypted offsite; and no one can just go and take information”. Cato and Wallace point out that “HIPAA compliance is not going to slow down” and if the “cloud is going to help you stay compliant”, why not adopt cloud backup. Cloud backup also implements user access protocols, controls and safeguards on data that is just not available on removable hard drives and tapes. Further, the passwords for access are not simple. They are randomly generated at the remote server and not easily breakable.

In video 3, the final part of this series, Cato and Wallace, urge dentists who are planning to go or have gone digital to embrace the cloud. Citing the IDC survey that predicts that health care will be a 73 billion dollar industry by 2015, they state that the future of a dentist’s practice could be at stake if they are unable to scale up to meet the challenges of “data growth explosion”. Dental practice today is highly centralized with all information being available on laptops and desktops irrespective of location. Real time backup is the order of the day and dentists must take advantage of the mobility provided by the cloud to safeguard their practice and their reputation.

Video 1 (3:33)

Video 2 (2:56)

Video 3 (3:44)

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