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A sense of excitement, achievement filters through, and spills over, in the backup and recovery market space as Jamie Brenzel, CEO of KineticD unveiled the latest cloud service offering of the company—KineticCloud. At a pre-launch conference call with, Brenzel said, “The conception, gestation and completion of this product is a testimonial to the dedication, commitment and the pioneering spirit of KineticD and the unveiling is the culmination of years of hard work and intense activity”.

So, what is this excitement all about? The beta version of the hybrid cloud backup software solution—KineticCloud for Servers—is a disk-to-disk-to-cloud solution for replacing tape backup media with database driven data storage.

KineticD strongly feels that it has consolidated, fine-tuned, and brought to the market a stable cloud backup product that will disrupt all existing, predefined notions of hybrid technology and realign the future direction of growth of the cloud. Perhaps, the “scalable, leading edge technology” with “simple pricing” mechanisms and “multi-tier distribution channels” may capture a larger slice of the $241 billion market, year 2020 backup market predicted by Forrester Research.

“There are no dirty little secrets with KineticCloud”, said Brenzel. “The core technology does not permit the mushrooming of undisclosed time-to-restore-data losses that clients may incur with other cloud backup and restore service offerings”.

Ever since it acquired ROBOBAK (our opinion, KineticD acquisition press release), KineticD has been working on marrying the two solutions as one offering. The resulting solution allows users to create local copies of their data, even as clients stream information over the Internet for high availability and data redundancy in the cloud. Clients can live with the comfortable knowledge that their data can be restored instantaneously from the local copy; and the remote copy can be the fall back option they exercise in extreme exigency. “One of the best features we are offering at KineticD is the ability to de-duplicate at the source, resulting in faster initial backup, less bandwidth utilization, and huge hosting savings”, said Brenzel.

KineticCloud is optimized for a variety of operating environments and server configurations across the board. Native support is available for Microsoft Small Business Server, Exchange, Outlook, SQL and Virtual environments including Hyper-V (hypervisor level) and VMWare (at EXSi level). IT administrators can centrally manage enterprise-wide data backups or define customized, enterprise-specific backup schedules and granular backup policies using the scalable, simple, agentless architecture that is integral to the offering. Like all its earlier service packages, clients can expect to enjoy automatic, continuous backup capabilities or economize on backup space with global block-level de-duplication of data at source for faster restore.

KineticD’s Patented Continuous Backup (CDP), has a pause and resume facility that enables backup to auto-start after an interruption without human intervention. Granular level scheduling is wholly possible, and incremental backup can now be restored as an independent backup set based on date/time stamps that are automatically frozen when the backup happens. Open file protection is guaranteed. Total protection is available for every email and backup and restore is available from hundreds of end points.

KineticD has been in business for more than nine years now with a 100% data recovery record. Starting out as Data Deposit Box in 2002, it was recently rebranded as KineticD. The company has a track record of profitability and positive cash flow since 2005. It has been listed as #19 on Deloitte’s fast 50 in 2010. It acquired ROBOBAK in 2011. Apart from the SaaS KineticCloud for Desktops/laptops and Servers, the other products of KineticD are KineticRD (Remote desktop), KineticROBOBAK (Express and Service Provider versions), KineticMobile, and KineticFAM (Open File Driver). KineticD has solutions for Public, hybrid and private clouds.

The KineticD universe is inhabited by 40,000 small business users; 16,000 businesses; 500 resellers and 20 OEM partners. More than 50 Managed Service providers extend the reach of the market and provide stable service to their clients.

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