QuorumLabs Helps Companies Further Protect Critical Applications and Extend Archival Capabilities

FREMONT, CA, Nov 08, 2011 –/– QuorumLabs announced version 3.2 of the onQ Site Recovery Appliance that includes DR (Disaster Recovery) Mirroring for additional protection of business critical applications, and onQ Archive Vault, which provides long-term data archiving for companies that need to retain data for multiple years. Today’s announcement follows the addition of several new hires to QuorumLabs’ executive staff to meet the growing demand from new customers.

The new onQ Archive Vault helps companies cost-effectively meet compliance with governmental regulations by creating long-term archive backups of important data as required by standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GBLA). onQ Archive Vault allows scheduling of archive backups on monthly, quarterly and yearly schedules, with the ability to designate appropriate expirations. Customers can easily set retention policies and select the specific onQ Protected Nodes (PN) to back up to the archive. When needed, onQ Archive Vault features the ability to restore selected files or a complete drive from the server archive repository.

“onQ is an easy to use, all-inclusive solution that’s perfect for the mid-market,” said Luca Jacobellis, chief operating officer at Cal Net Technology Group. “As the industry has moved away from tape and more towards disk-based backups, archiving has gotten lost in the mix. onQ’s Archive Vault is an easy to manage archiving solution that meets compliance regulations, enabling customers to archive designated data and easily retrieve individual files or entire directories.”

Archive Vault adds a high degree of scalability to the onQ solution by extending archival capacity to more than 200 TBs (equivalent to 200,000 copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica!) using a single instance of Archive Vault with up to eight disk storage modules. By configuring multiple Archive Vaults, customers can obtain unlimited archival capacity. In addition, customers can configure Archive Vault locally or remotely to create a disaster recovery repository that is located offsite for reliable, disaster recovery capabilities. Customers are assured of the highest reliability since Archive Vault is built upon highly reliable, redundant Dell hardware.

“We’ve seen strong demand for long-term archival capabilities and onQ Archive Vault fills this need by providing virtually unlimited archival capabilities in one comprehensive solution from a single vendor,” said Bob Boyer, senior vice president of services, Transcend United. “This is particularly important to customers who must meet compliance regulations and are looking for a simple yet sophisticated, all-in-one solution.”

Disaster Recovery Mirroring The 3.2 version of onQ also features a new DR Mirroring capability that provides a hot standby DR appliance, which is an identical copy of the primary DR appliance, to support rapid failover without any loss of data. Available immediately, the DR mirroring option gives customers the highest level of data protection and the assurance that their data and applications will be back online immediately should a disaster occur.

“We’re seeing increased demand for the ‘extra layer’ of protection that DR Mirroring provides from various industries, including financial and professional services companies, whose business critical data cannot afford to be offline for more than a few minutes,” said Larry Lang, QuorumLabs CEO.

onQ Site Recovery Appliance More than 1,000 servers are now protected by the onQ appliance. Unlike other solutions in its class, onQ goes beyond online backup by allowing users to instantly recover lost data with the single click of a button should systems go down for any reason, without the complexity or cost of traditional enterprise solutions. The onQ solution integrates a number of sophisticated technologies — including backup, snapshot archiving, deduplication, replication, virtualization, and more — into a simple, all-in-one appliance. onQ is also the only solution that completely automates the disaster recovery testing process, reducing it from a labor-intensive procedure that can take several days to an automatic process that takes minutes.

About QuorumLabs
QuorumLabs develops innovative technologies and products that provide high availability and instant recovery of critical business systems for small to mid-sized companies. Easily deployed within an hour, QuorumLabs’ turnkey solutions allow businesses to routinely and automatically test their recovery plan and recover failed systems with a single click. Located in Fremont, California, QuorumLabs was spun out of Themis Computer in 2008. More information can be found at

QuorumLabs, onQ, One-Click Recovery, and the QuorumLabs logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of QuorumLabs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Cindee Mock

SOURCE: QuorumLabs

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