By Terry Fields, CEO at Yotta280
Nov 18, 2011

Yotta280 Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Migrating from Tapes to the Cloud

Technological advances have made it simple to transition from tape backup to cloud backup and recovery solutions. But, the task of migration requires thoughtful consideration.

Not all data needs to be migrated from tape to the cloud. Data lifetime requirements have an impact on what kind of data needs to be migrated from tape to the cloud. Short life term data may or may not be migrated to the cloud. The data can be retained on tapes and the server running the proprietary backup software may be maintained by the customer till all the lifetimes of the data have expired. Thereafter, the server and the software can be retired. Data with long term data life time requirements will have to be migrated to the cloud to comply with present legal requirements for that data.

Tape technology itself is changing. The newer technologies/software is not made backward compatible and much of the data copied onto onto tapes in the past become irrecoverable. Further, the tape owners and cloud vendors may not have access to the software that can read the data. So, the data will have to be read at the customer location using the appropriate proprietary software that was used to write the data and the output copied to a temporary location before it can be transferred to the cloud vendor’s storage.

One of the significant advantages of migrating tape to cloud is the potential optimization and de-duplication of data. Incremental backup, differential backup and a host of other kinds of backup technology can be used to ensure that backup happens continuously or within a scheduled time frame efficiently and effectively.

Backup failures can be tracked and corrected instantly with alerts being generated for every success or failure of a backup. Replication of data or mirroring of data is almost automatic in the cloud, but not so in the tape. Disk to disk replication can be automated and data can be replicated on to one or more geographically dispersed servers to ensure high availability of enterprise information. There are no replication costs, transportation costs or extra storage costs involved in the process! Further, the cloud is infinitely scalable and globally accessible unlike tape backups.

Simple web interfaces are available over the Internet and provide secure access to the information stored on remote servers in the cloud from any part of the globe 24 x 7. Data security is ensured with user access protocols and encryption of information in transition and storage.

Migrating from tape to cloud is a sign of maturity of the SMB and the enterprise. IT needs to follow technology and the cloud, unlike the tape, makes it easier to do so.

Yotta280 recommends YottaVault, an avant-garde cloud data backup and recovery solution specifically designed for Mid-sized to Enterprise organizations. Differentiated by its numerous value-added and industry leading features – agentless technology, on-site portable local storage, multiple off site data centers, FIPS 140-2 certification and virtual environments support.

About the Author: Terry Fields, CEO of Yotta280, an Asigra cloud backup and recovery partner, has over 25 years of experience in the information management, disaster recovery, business continuity and data protection industry. Yotta280 has quickly become much more than a traditional online backup provider, allowing its customers to experience the most complete data protection and recovery capability available.

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