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By Tom Samph

Top 5 Backup Software Programs Outside the Cloud

Even as most storage and backup software moves to the cloud, there are still many reasons to use traditional backup software programs at home. You can save money by purchasing software for a one-time fee, instead of having to pay a subscription for cloud storage.

For people that are still apprehensive about sending their personal and private files over an internet connection to a cloud-based backup company, traditional backup software can be a great alternative.

As far as backup software goes, more options means narrowing the features you need most to make an informed decision about what to buy. For home use backup software, the most diverse of backup software categories, narrowing the decision is a bit more difficult, especially if you’re looking to compress your backup files. With the right research, however, the best home use backup software programs with compression come into clear view.

  1. FBackup: The selling point of this software from Softland isn’t just that it’s simple and easy-to-use – it’s free. For home use, FBackup will compress the files you need to any type of storage space, and schedule automatic updates. For use on Windows operating systems and server platforms, this backup software is a consistently top-rated product.
  1. DoubleSafety: This Windows-based backup software, intended for home and small business use, will back up and compress your data to CD-RW, DVD-RAM, and FTP backup. Although it’s free to try, a full license costs only $30. This is a solid choice of backup software, especially with online storage features and security encryption. Plus, online tutorials and training will help guide you through the best use of this software.
  1. PentaZip 5.0: This backup software from PentaWare offers a free trial intended for home and medium size business clients. Though a full license will cost $40, this software’s ability to compress and backup files and accounts to any storage device with encrypted security makes this a top choice for anyone in need of reliable storage. On-site training also comes with the $40 license.
  1. Cobian Backup: This freeware for home use on the Windows platform will backup and compress to CD-ROM, DVD-RAM and external hard drives. It provides you with full system backup, continuous data protection and automatic updating: it’s a steal.
  1. Handy Backup Standard: The most versatile on this list of backup software programs, Handy Backup lands in the middle of the price range at $39 for a full license. It will backup your data, compress it and provide security encryption for a wide variety of storage devices. It also includes the largest range of files it will store: everything from preferences and photos to file systems and applications. Webinars and self-serve online help make this backup software a great investment to protect your data.

If you are not interested in paying a subscription to protect your data or are weary about sending your files over the internet, any of these programs make a great alternative.

If you would like to see more backup software programs like these, check out FindTheBest for objective and data-driven comparisons. FindTheBest also offers an objective look at online backup software, that you can use as a supplement to Backup Review’s hands on analyses of these programs to find the perfect choice for you.

About the Author: Tom Samph, a graduate of Boston University, is a Marketing and PR intern at FindTheBest. He recently moved back to the United States after living in France for a year where he was teaching English, working in a bakery and freelance writing. He currently lives in Philadelphia.

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