By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Dec 29, 2011

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Online Backup and Cloud Computing — Revolutionizing the State of Business

When attempting to asses the value of online data backup and cloud computing, one need look no further than its rapidly expanding popularity amongst businesses of all types and sizes. But, what lies at the core of cloud computing’s overwhelming impact on the state of business? Is it the scalability that allows enterprises to only pay for the backup and IT infrastructure that they need? Is it the ease and convenience of automatic, fully automated backups? Or, is it the increased data security enjoyed by all of the companies both large and small that take advantage of what cloud storage services have to offer? Well, the answer is quite simple: all of the above!

One of the first things that often ends up attracting businesses to give off-site backup and cloud computing a try is the factor of scalability, wherein companies only need to pay for the amount of space and range of services that they require at a given time. Indeed, thankfully gone are the days when new companies and SMBs had to “bite the bullet” by investing in expensive onsite IT infrastructures in advance of actually needing them, so as to be as prepared as possible to handle any expansion to their businesses that the future may have brought their way. The cost-effective nature of modern day cloud services is highly evident from the start, and is therefore often what prompts a given business to give it a try, with many online backup and cloud storage providers happily offering free trials so that enterprises risk nothing, and usually they end up coming back for more.

Another important reason for the overwhelming popularity of cloud storage and online data backup is the flexibility and ease with which data can be accessed once it is set free into the cloud. After all, with the ubiquitous nature of smartphones, laptops, and other portable digital devices, the culture of business dealings has become an increasingly “on-the-go” phenomenon, with more and more employees of businesses everywhere becoming accustomed to the ability of easily accessing files from any location. In the past, of course, if an employee of an enterprise were going on a business trip, they would have to work overtime to ensure that they had every file that they were going to need, and even then, of course, they would still all too often find themselves in the position of not having all of the files that they required at their disposal. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more expected that files be accessible from anywhere and shareable with anyone as well, and cloud computing is by far the best method in which to ensure that you are keeping up with the competition in this very important and crucial regard.

Of course, when discussing the values of online data backup and cloud computing, one must not forget its original purpose: to protect businesses from data loss and and grant them the ability to quickly restore any lost files in the case of a data loss disaster. In the past, this level of “data loss insurance” could only be enjoyed by the larger enterprises, with many smaller and medium-sized businesses not having the capital to invest in the technology necessary to ensure that they were as protected as possible from data loss and also had a solid disaster recovery plan at the ready in the event that they did indeed lose data. However, thankfully, smaller businesses are now able to afford off-site backups that use levels of data encryption once only reserved for larger banks and military. And, most respected online data backup companies now house copies of their customers’ backups in geographically separate locations, allowing yet another advantage to smaller businesses that was also once only available to the largest of enterprises.

Lastly, one cannot forget the advantages that cloud computing offers businesses in the all-important area of collaboration. With cloud computing, the employees of any given business (and, of course, multiple businesses) can easily collaborate from all corners of the globe if need be, which serves to further harness the productivity of enterprises everywhere. Files can now be shared with ease across any distance, allowing employees to collaborate on projects regardless of their geographical locations. And, due to the advanced file versioning techniques used by most online backup companies, participants in these group projects need not have to worry about mistakes or mis-saves that could happen during the collaboration process, with modified, user-specific versions of files being constantly backed up and saved along with the earlier versions, making it so that they can effectively go “back in time” and retrieve earlier versions of the file that have the same name if need be without losing any data in the process.

There is no doubt about it; online backup and cloud computing are revolutionizing the way that companies of all sizes are doing business, and we here at KineticD are proud to be part of this evolution in information technology. We offer scalable cloud storage and backup solutions at highly competitive prices, and use only the most advanced levels of bank-grade data encryption on our servers to ensure that your company’s sensitive data will not be accessed by anyone other than you. Our developers work around the clock creating updates for our advanced client software so that all of our customers’ incremental backup services and cloud computing accessibility tools perform at the highest level possible. For these reasons and many more, our customer base is expanding by the minute, with over 40,000 business users worldwide enjoying the services that we have to offer. So, why not join the cloud revolution today by stopping by our website and trying our free 14-day trial? We think that you, like so many other users of online data backup, will find it difficult to go back to the “old days” once you get a taste of what online data backup and cloud computing have to offer.

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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