By Reggie Rogers, VP Sales and Marketing at Yotta280
Jan 06, 2012

Yotta280 Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Why Continue to Build it Yourself?

Businesses must learn to mind their own business. This is the mantra of the new age. Data storage and application support services for your business are strictly not a part of your production activities. It is the “extra” you need to conduct your business efficiently. The implication is that, you will not lose control over your business activities just because you have chosen to outsource the “extra” to third party vendors.

Outsourcing data storage and application support services reduces costs. Cloud technology is a utility service and hence an operational expense. Huge investments in capital goods can be amputated from budgets instantly. Salaries for a number of expensive IT personnel can be reduced to the bare minimum. Tape drives, proprietary software can be retired and annual purchases of storage devices can be regarded as expenses of the past. Disaster recovery planning can be automated and business continuity can be ensured at no extra cost.

Cloud services are scalable unlike build and own IT infrastructure. Cloud vendors ensure that they have elastic resources at their command and are ready to provide enterprises with additional storage on demand. Customers need to pay for use and all resources commissioned can be optimally used.

Data storage, data replication and high availability of data is automatic. IT Administrators need no longer to worry about failed backups spend sleepless nights ensuring that the data archives and stores are secured against thefts, fires, floods or other kinds of disasters. Data is automatically taken offsite or replicated onsite using a single backup interface. Multiple copies of the enterprise data are, highly available on a global scale, round the clock and data security (physical and electronic) is the legal enforceable responsibility of the cloud vendor.

Further, the transition to the cloud allows the IT department to shift focus and devote attention to the business needs of the enterprise. IT upgrades and computing issues can be left to the outsourced vendor, while the IT team engages itself in providing its services to the local needs of the organization.

Flexibility is the unique selling proposition (USP) of the cloud. Data can be accessed anywhere, anytime using simple web interfaces. All kinds of devices —iPhones, Smartphones, laptops, desktops— can connect to a single enterprise online data repository. Mobile workers can obtain essential information with due authentication and authorization from wherever they are. They can backup their data to the central repository and make it available instantly to and management for mission critical decisions.

In short, the cloud has disrupted thinking and created awareness that IT services need not be built or owned by the enterprise. It can be hired like any other utility (such as power or communication) service and paid for on a per use basis. It can help optimize on resources and free the enterprise to do what it does best—its own business. So, why build when your can hire? Why invest huge sums and tie up scarce capital when the same or better quality of services can be obtained by utilizing a cloud backup and recovery vendor?

Yotta280 recommends YottaVault, an avant-garde cloud data backup and recovery solution specifically designed for Mid-sized to Enterprise organizations. Differentiated by its numerous value-added and industry leading features – agentless technology, on-site portable local storage, multiple off site data centers, FIPS 140-2 certification and virtual environments support.

About the Author: Reggie Rogers is a VP Sales and Marketing at Yotta280, an Asigra cloud backup and recovery partner. Reggie joined Yotta280 in May of 2007. Prior to that role, Reggie served as a Vice President of Sales for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, an insurer with more than 3.8 billion in revenue and recipient of numerous awards for technology leadership. Reggie’s 25 years experience as a sales and marketing professional in the insurance and financial services industry provide Yotta280 with invaluable experience. Reggie is primarily responsible for strategic marketing leadership, implementation of channel partner networks and management of the sales organization. Reggie Rogers holds an undergraduate degree from the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida and a Master’s degree from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul Minnesota.

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