High-density Archive of 180TB in a 4U Footprint Increases Overall SAN Performance and Lowers Costs of Archive on the New mMedia Platform

Storage Visions 2012

Las Vegas, Jan 09, 2012 –(EON: Enhanced Online News)– Storage Visions — Active Storage, the leader in high-performance storage solutions for media and creative professionals, today announced mVault, its first ever high-density archive expansion system on the mMedia platform.

With a small footprint of only 4U of rack space, the new mVault packs a staggering 180TB of content storage in any resolution from proxy to 8K. The new mVault provides superior cooling and reliable data paths to keep archived content safe and within reach of your work-in-process SAN. On the mMedia platform, the mRAID provides the processing to host one or more mVault archive systems.

In collaboration, mVault and mRAID allow fast and easy content movement from primary on-line storage to mVault near-line storage, with support from industry-leading applications. Together, mRAID and mVault deliver 228TB of storage in only 7U. mVault answers the need for high-density, small-footprint solutions increasingly required by top media and creative customers for their data centers.

“With mVault your content will be available nearly instantaneously as you need it,” explained Alex Grossman, founder and president of Active Storage, Inc. “Adding mVault to an ActiveSAN network can also provide better performance from the primary on-line volumes by keeping the amount of storage under management to a reasonable amount. We’re extremely excited about our first ever dedicated archive storage solution.”

The integration of ActiveSAN, mRAID and mVault, when combined with ActiveStats and the Active Admin management suite, provide the power to the mMedia platform. The mMedia platform gives content production the media optimized throughput and capabilities of an expensive, specialized proprietary system at a much lower overall and on-going cost (TCO), without lock-in, plus adds additional flexibility and customization by enabling integration with other industry-leading solutions.

The mVault expansion system requires mRAID and is available today in a 180TB configuration for US MSRP $69,999 from Active Storage resellers worldwide

About Active Storage:
Active Storage, Inc. is the innovative storage leader for media and creative professionals, broadcast, post-production, on-line and archive solutions. Fast, reliable and easy to deploy, Active Storage products deliver a best-of-breed user experience, marrying award-winning industrial design, unmatched speed, reliability and customer service. Ease of use and robust performance make Active Storage the first choice for complex professional storage deployments. To learn more visit:.

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