By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Feb. 7, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing – Reshaping the Global Marketplace

There is no doubt about it; cloud-based online data storage, management and collaboration are revolutionizing the way that enterprises of all sizes do business and, in turn, these new methods are reshaping the very marketplace of business itself. In fact, it could be said that cloud computing is ushering in a whole new economic frontier in the form of a truly global marketplace, where opportunity abounds and barriers previously insurmountable (especially for smaller businesses) are now easily overcome.

One example of this is the fact that enterprises need no longer be constrained to one physical office or location. Employees for businesses can now often be found scattered all over the planet, allowing enterprises to tap a vastly more diverse array of human resources than ever before. In addition, this new “cloud marketplace” is serving to bring about increased opportunities for sales, as the global network helps companies connect to other companies and, of course, to reach a larger amount of end users as well. Indeed, as more and more globalization continues to happen every day, a given enterprise’s ability to reach out across the cloud for both information and human resources is often becoming a defining factor when it comes to how well it can stand up to the rest of the competition.

No matter what the size and scope of your business, protecting your company’s data should always be of the utmost priority, and this has also become easier and more efficient due to the cloud revolution. Online data backup has not only streamlined the process of backing up, but it has also, of course, made it more foolproof than ever before. With continuous backup services, businesses no longer need to fret about whether or not their data is protected since the processes are all automatically taken care of by easily installable client software. In addition to this, security issues are being more effectively thwarted as well, with many online data backup service providers now using bank and military grade encryption on all of their clients’ files, both while in storage on their servers and in transit during the online backup process.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages brought about through the utilization of online data backup and cloud computing companies is the scalability in costs that they provide. Gone are the days when SMBs had to worry about investing in expensive on-site IT infrastructures in order to both conduct business and be prepared for when their businesses would hopefully expand. Indeed, with cloud computing and online data backup, companies now only have to pay for the services that they need, and can change the range and amount of virtualized IT infrastructures they are using at any time the need should arise. This element of scalability is serving to bring about more efficiency when it comes to the construction of databases and server farms, which in turn means that cloud computing isn’t just reshaping the global marketplace, but is also helping the globe itself as well, with the overall carbon footprint left behind by businesses being lessened as databases become more consolidated and energy efficient than ever before.

For all of these reasons and more, we here at KineticD are indeed proud to be at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution. And, when we say “at the forefront” we mean it; with our 448 bit Blowfish encryption, continuous data protection software, agentless backup capability, open and locked file support and more, we make providing our customers with the most state of the art online data backup and cloud computing resources available on the globe our number one priority, hands down. But, don’t just take our word for it, stop by our website today and find our for yourself by taking advantage of our free 14-day trial!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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