By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Feb. 16, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Identifying Standards For Cloud Computing Services

When seeking to choose the right company to provide any service for your SMB, knowledge of what the basic standards are when it comes to the service in question is of infinite importance, and, for goods and services that are well established and have remained more or less unchanged for decades, this can be a relatively easy feat to accomplish. However, when it comes to identifying the basic standards of a rapidly developing field like online data backup and cloud computing, the task can sometimes prove a little more difficult to accomplish. After all, with so many new technologies constantly emerging in the field of cloud computing, how can one truly identify and establish what the industry standards are? Bearing this in mind, let’s begin to examine some basic service features that all online data backup and cloud service providers should offer to their customers.

First off, one of the biggest advantages to leveraging the power of cloud IT services is that they are scalable, that is to say that, beyond the occasional flat fee, your business should only have to pay for the services that it needs or uses. Any online data backup or cloud computing company that does not offer this type of business model as at least an option should usually not be considered. Additionally, any cloud service provider worthy of consideration should also not only offer scalability in their pricing, but also guarantee that this payment model will continue to be available throughout the period of service. In addition to this, all online storage vendors should also guarantee, in writing, the reliability of their services in general, so that there is some standard that is being set that the cloud vendor in question must adhere to in order to avoid voiding its own service agreement.

Of course, when it comes to cloud computing, data security must always be of the utmost priority. Quality online backup service providers employ data security systems that are as hacker-proof as possible, and the security methods used should be compared to that of other cloud vendors to make sure that they are up to the current standard. This is extremely important to point out due to the fact that online data backup and cloud computing is, once again, a rapidly developing field, and thus, the standards when it comes to security are constantly being raised higher and higher as new security technologies come about. Most online data backup service providers “worth their salt” employ what is called “bank grade” or “military grade” levels of encryption on their clients’ files, and also store versions of them at physically separate locations so as to insure their safety from natural disasters and theft. Also, beware of any online data backup service provider that does not supply free monitoring tools that allow you to keep track of who is accessing your company’s data; this is yet another essential tool to both establishing security and remaining abreast of employee activity as well.

Finally, SMBs must establish what their own standards are when it comes to online data backup and cloud computing. After all, every company has different IT needs and goals, so SMBs can benefit a great deal from taking stock and deciding which features they are indeed looking for in a cloud vendor. For example, some enterprises might prefer storing and managing all of their data online, while others might wish to establish a hybrid online and on-site solution so as to be guaranteed faster restore times in the case of a data loss disaster. SMBs need to assess whether they want an all-in-one solution, or if they are seeking to simply add cloud services to their existing in-house IT department. The amount and type of data being stored and the number of machines that are to be backed up is also extremely important to take into consideration, with different online cloud vendors specializing in backing up various types of IT configurations. And, as mentioned before, budgeting is also obviously a concern when it comes to signing up with a cloud vendor, so SMBs should asses exactly how inexpensive the ideal cloud computing solution would be in order to make it cost effective for them, and then seek out a cloud vendor that can deliver to them that value.

We here at KineticD understand the importance of choosing the right cloud vendor solution, because we see every day just how crucial an element the cloud plays in the structure of all the businesses we are proud to serve. For this reason, we offer our free 14-day trial which allows SMBs to find out if we are the right online data backup and cloud computing solution for them before they decide to sign up for our services. So, please stop by our website today to learn more about what KineticD can do for your enterprise’s IT needs!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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