By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Feb. 17, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Leveraging the Full Advantage of Cloud Computing with Agentless Backup

When first signing up with any online data backup and cloud computing provider, most businesses are, needless to say, usually quite impressed with all of the newfound freedoms and heightened levels of data security that they almost instantly receive. However, regardless of this, it is important for all businesses that are getting ready to join the cloud revolution to keep in mind that not all cloud backup suites are created equal. Indeed, it is imperative that these enterprises that are new to the cloud understand that only when their cloud solution is optimized to fit most harmoniously with the intricacies of their business’s IT system will the most advanced advantages of cloud computing begin to actually come into fruition.

Of course, no two IT infrastructures are built alike, and thus all businesses require a different range and implementation method for their cloud services in order that they may perfectly fit in with the IT systems that they already have in place. For this reason, any online data backup or cloud computing provider worth their salt understands that in order to provide the maximum benefit of cloud storage to their customers, they need to take the time to extensively analyze the IT systems of the business that they are serving so that they can be sure to implement for them the most efficient online data backup and cloud computing solution that modern technology has to offer.

The most common and conventional method with which online data backup companies seek to integrate their services with the IT systems of their clients is through the use of special software that must be installed on all of the company’s computers so that they can all interact with the online backup provider’s system. This software is called, appropriately, “client software”, and is typically the gateway through which online backup service providers seek to sync their systems with that of their clients. However, as much as client software does help with the connection between cloud vendors and their customers, it is unfortunately often quite far from the optimum solution. In fact, quite frequently the opposite is unfortunately the case, with client software sometimes refusing to fully integrate into the IT systems of the companies it is trying to connect to the cloud. In addition to this, since the client software is installed on the user end, it constantly needs to be updated so as not to become out of date in comparison to the fluidly evolving software that is currently being leveraged by the online data backup service provider.

In order to help the companies that we serve avoid these sort of problems, we here at KineticD have created our state of the art agentless backup system that, as the name implies, allows you to keep all the machines on your company’s system backed up at all times without having to install or update any special client software on your company’s computer systems. With agentless backup you can manage your entire office’s cloud storage plan from one central console, simplifying the steps that you need to take in order to insure that all of your enterprise’s important data is always securely backed up with us. To give this advantage (and the many others!) that we offer a try today, simply stop by our website and check out our free 14-day trial and see for yourself what backing up in the cloud with KineticD can do for your business!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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