File Synchronization Software Moves beyond Cloud for Fast, Affordable, Secure Alternative

FAIRFAX, Va., Feb. 21, 2012 –/– Siber Systems, Inc., a leading developer of software productivity tools for consumers and businesses, today announced the release of GoodSync 9. The latest release of the popular backup and synchronization product allows users to directly connect two or more computers to achieve synchronization without accessing cloud-based services, enabling faster downloads and secure file transfer while eliminating online data storage costs.

Siber Systems developed the latest GoodSync release to offer an affordable alternative to cloud-based services. Cloud-based products have generated a lot of buzz, but they have also been the focus of numerous consumer complaints due to several drawbacks. The first is slow upload and download speeds, especially when transferring large files or groups of files. Secondly, consumers are concerned about the security of their files stored in a cloud environment. And lastly, the cost of storing data online is prohibitive for some consumers.

GoodSync 9 addresses each of these issues by connecting and synchronizing computers directly without requiring online storage. After installing GoodSync 9 and setting up a unique User ID and password, users can connect multiple computers and devices through their GoodSync Connect account. This allows users to take full advantage of a peer-to-peer environment securely and affordably. User data does not transfer through GoodSync Connect and is not saved within the system.

“GoodSync 9 is a game-changer,” said Bill Carey, Vice President of Marketing for Siber Systems. “Cloud-based services are really popular right now, but we looked at performance issues such as download and upload time, cost and security and created a better way. GoodSync 9 delivers a superior user experience.”

With GoodSync 9, user data sync is accomplished at the speed of the synching computers’ data connection, eliminating the need to wait for upload and download into and out of the cloud. Data transmission occurs via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology over an encrypted connection, which safeguards vital information.

Users can sync unlimited data with GoodSync Connect – the only possible limits are imposed by the user’s personal storage capacity – and GoodSync 9 users are not subject to storage or additional licensing costs since their data does not reside in the cloud. Affordably priced at $29.95 for the first license and only $9.95 for an additional license, GoodSync 9 offers an inexpensive, secure and fast solution for backup and data synchronization.

Those who already use cloud-based services can also take advantage of GoodSync 9′s advanced features. The new release easily syncs with external cloud-based services such as Amazon S3, Google Docs, Windows Azure, Amazon Cloud Drive and SkyDrive.

“Users who already sync with cloud-based services need a one-stop sync hub,” said Carey. “With GoodSync 9, they can quickly and conveniently sync with popular services using a single software package.”

GoodSync 8 was widely praised for its speed, but GoodSync 9 significantly improves on an already fast synchronization service. With a new block-level synchronization capability, GoodSync 9 improves transfer speed by synchronizing only the changed portion of individual files rather than the entire file, thus improving the time required to synchronize files.

GoodSync 9 now includes GoodSync Explorer, which can be described as a nice combination of the popular Windows Explorer software and a rich-featured FTP product. GoodSync Explorer allows users to view and upload or download files between computers. Users can use GoodSync Explorer to publish and maintain websites, transfer images, documents, movie and music files, as well as share files with friends and coworkers.

GoodSync 9 is now available for download or purchase at

About Siber Systems:
Founded in 1995, Siber Systems creates and markets software products for consumers and businesses around the world. Our software is highly acclaimed and has received numerous awards, including PC Magazine Editor’s Choice, CNET’s Best Software of the Year, and PC World’s 25 Products We Can’t Live Without. The company’s flagship products, RoboForm and GoodSync, are used by millions of people worldwide, with registered customers in over 100 countries. GoodSync, an easy and reliable automatic file synchronization program, was released in 2006 and already enjoys favorable reviews from users and the press. RoboForm Enterprise has been solving password management problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively since 1999. RoboForm Enterprise reduces employee passwords to one secure, master password and provides an easy and cost-effective way to improve password security while making employees more productive and helping organizations to recognize immediate IT cost savings. As part of the company’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction, its software comes with a risk-free trial. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Siber Systems is privately held.

SOURCE: Siber Systems, Inc.

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