By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Feb. 22, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cutting Costs For SMBs – The Real Driving Force Behind Cloud Computing

In our increasingly mobile business world where data is often expected to be available from virtually any location, it is no wonder that we continue to see the field of online data storage and cloud computing rapidly expanding in popularity every day. With convenient collaboration in the cloud, worry-free online data backup and easy, web-based access to files using portable devices like laptops and smartphones, it appears that the cloud will indeed continue to grow in popularity amongst businesses everywhere. The question is, though, which of these above mentioned features is the biggest driving force behind the continued success of the cloud computing revolution for SMBs?

The answer, surprisingly, is “none of the above”! Indeed, beyond the delight that countless businesses experience at the convenience, ease of use, and previously unobtainable levels of data security that cloud computing is bringing into fruition, it is the IT costs that are being saved by these companies that is real driving force behind the popularity of cloud computing for SMBs. And, in the same way that many new markets are often created in the business world, this is made possible primarily due to the fact that cloud vendors can afford to offer data storage space at much lower prices to customers due to the higher volumes of disk space that they have invested in, and faster moving, more readily available Internet connections are now allowing them the path with which to supply more and more customers this money-saving service at a faster rate than ever before.

By taking advantage of online IT services and cloud computing, SMBs can avoid having to invest in costly, in-house IT infrastructures, allowing these enterprises to instantly save money when they sign up for a cloud vendor’s services! Indeed, thankfully gone are the days when newer businesses had to painstakingly plan ahead through the costly creation of their own IT systems so as to be sure to avoid running the risk of maxing out their storage space and other resources as their business expanded. Instead, now SMBs can simply purchase IT in the same way that one pays a utility company for electricity, and this scalable cost structure assures that no matter how much storage space or bandwidth they end up using, they are at no point paying for any IT services that they didn’t actually need. This is beyond a doubt the fundamental cost-cutting element that is making cloud computing the only logical choice for many SMBs.

Additionally, when signing up with a cloud vendor, businesses are also effectively saving themselves money by having at their disposal the IT experts that lie behind most online data backup and cloud computing companies. Whereas before SMBs would have to consult (and, of course, pay) their own IT experts to resolve any in-house data management issue, nowadays they can just leave that to the companies that specialize in their data in the first place; the cloud vendors. In fact, as an increasing number of companies are starting to rely on online backup and storage providers for more than just keeping their data backed up and safe, many cloud storage vendors are now acting as IT consultants from the start, helping SMBs to decide just what sort of IT infrastructure is going to work best for their business, and then continuing to help them by resolving issues and adjusting the range of services that they provide for the client after the initial cloud services have been installed.

Of course, while we here at KineticD are indeed proud to be at the forefront of the myriad new technological advances in IT that cloud computing has thus far brought about, we understand that cutting costs and generating profits is what lies at the heart of any business’s ability to succeed. That is why we constantly strive to supply our clients with the most cost-effective cloud computing and online data backup solutions around. Please stop by our website today to learn just what KineticD can do to help your business cut IT costs and also start enjoying the many advantages of the cloud computing revolution as well!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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