By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Feb. 24, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Reaching More Customers With Cloud Computing

Over the past decade’s worth of holiday seasons, I think we have all noticed the trend — the growing in importance of “Cyber Monday”, the online equivalent of the more traditional “Black Friday”. Surely, this should be seen as a sign of the times, as Internet sales continue to climb in number, and thus importance, to businesses of all sizes everywhere. In fact, in this modern Internet-reliant era, failure to capture the audience of potential customers online can be an early death knell to any enterprise trying to get ahead in the increasingly globalized marketplace.

Luckily, these modern day enterprises now have the power of the cloud at their disposal. With more and more businesses turning to online data storage and cloud computing for virtually (no pun intended) all of their IT needs, they are also in turn putting themselves in a position of increased power to advertise and connect with potential customers across the globe. Indeed, the cloud is providing data leveraging opportunities to SMBs that were once only available to the largest of enterprises, and this has brought about a leveling of the playing field when it comes to marketing and selling products online. The modern day consumer is, after all, a more well informed one, with many potential customers unwilling to purchase a product or service without being able to thoroughly study it online first. And, when it comes to services this fact holds especially true, with most individuals uneasy about signing up for any paid service without being able to take it for a test drive beforehand.

Many online data backup and cloud computing companies are now offering their clients much than just hard drive space and data security protection, with IT tools that help businesses to analyze who their potential customer base is and how to best reach them now commonly bundled in with many online cloud service suites. The result of this phenomenon is the increased ability for even the smallest company to more fully and functionally analyze their data so as to make the most informed decisions when it comes to what is working and what isn’t with their business. Cloud storage vendors employ numerous practices to the data that they store, such as versioning of files and other extensive indexing practices, and these technologies bring increased value to data that would have gone relatively unleveraged before.

Another aspect of cloud computing that adds value to data and helps companies reach out to more potential customers is the increased availability of said data from almost any location. Salespeople on the go, either at industry conferences or at the homes of potential clients, no longer need to carry a briefcase full of literature to try to demonstrate the product to potential customers, instead being able to use convenient portable devices like smartphones and tablets to access any company information that is necessary in order to make the sale. And, once again, businesses that sell SaaS (software as a service) or PaaS (platform as a service) are able to receive the most benefit out of storing their IT infrastructure in the cloud because every aspect of their services is potentially available to them for demonstration purposes wherever they (or their potential clients) might be located.

So, in essence, by storing and accessing their data in the cloud, companies are able to increase their chance for sales in a multitude of different ways, and all of these advantages spring from one principle: cloud computing brings about better data, and better data improves all elements of a business, and that includes, of course, sales. We here at KineticD understand that making sales is what business is all about, and that is why we have partnered up with several different companies to create multiple apps that can assist your company in better reaching out to your customers. With over 40,000 business users, 1000 partners, and over 20 years experience with cloud storage management, KineticD has every angle covered when it comes to maximizing the value of your business’s data, including how to leverage it to generate more sales. For these reasons and more, we urge you to please stop by our website today to read more about what KineticD can do for your SMB!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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