Built-In Encryption Assures End-to-End Data Protection for Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Feb 28, 2012 –/BackupReview.info/– SpiderOak, the backup, sync and sharing environment that is 100 percent private, today announced it has officially established the “Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard.” In today’s era of external and internal threats to privacy, SpiderOak has taken an alternative approach — creating a standard for those who demand protection for their cloud-based businesses and/or personal data. Through this initiative, SpiderOak is promoting the importance of a higher level of privacy by fundamentally redefining access to plaintext data.

“Cloud providers today want you to upload all of your data to their servers without any guarantee of privacy or confidentiality,” said Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak. “At SpiderOak, we feel so strongly about privacy that even SpiderOak employees can’t access our users’ plaintext data, at any time — for any reason. Through our philosophy on local encryption, we can provide a safer and more private environment than our competitors including Dropbox and Box.”

Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard Explained The Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard enables file backup, synchronization, and sharing through a holistic approach to privacy. Data is encrypted throughout every stage: locally before being uploaded to SpiderOak, during transfer and when it is stored. SpiderOak accomplishes ‘Zero-Knowledge’ by never storing the plaintext version of a user’s encryption keys (or password). This means that the SpiderOak staff — even with direct physical access to the storage servers —cannot view any portion of a user’s content including folder names, filenames, or file sizes. The responsibility for retaining a password is thus placed on the user. It is this all-encompassing approach to privacy that ensures the complete protection of data.

SpiderOak maintains the Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard without compromising performance, scalability or stability. Users enjoy fast, reliable online storage, backup, syncing and sharing through SpiderOak’s fault-tolerant design. SpiderOak’s numerous industry-leading, easy-to-use options for accessing data include:

– Access to data in one de-duplicated location while preserving all historical and deleted versions
– Share folders and retrieve files instantly from any Internet-connected device
– Caching and backup options to an unlimited number of devices
– Multi-platform synchronization capabilities (Mac, Linux and Windows)
– Command-line options from all operating systems
– Users can benefit from SpiderOak without having to rearrange their folder structure.

SpiderOak is not only powerful and completely private, but also cost-effective. At $100/year for 100GB, SpiderOak costs half of what the competition does, while using up to half of the storage space.

“We are blazing the trail for cloud privacy by continuing to ensure all of our past, current and future products abide by the Zero-Knowledge privacy policy that we are committed to,” said Oberman. “We are redefining the idea of trust in the cloud. With SpiderOak, cloud privacy goes from being a speculative concept to an essential real world solution.”

About Spider Oak
SpiderOak provides a cloud backup, sync, and sharing environment that is 100-percent private. Our Zero-Knowledge Privacy Standard ensures absolute confidentiality between you and your data, everywhere, every time and from every device. With SpiderOak you will gain control of your data, manage your data, centralize your data and protect your data.

SpiderOak: we’ve got your back(up).

For more information, see: https://spideroak.com and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SpiderOak

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Ethan Parker
BOCA Communications
(415) 738-7718

SOURCE: SpiderOak

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