P2P and P2V Adjust OS functionality for system recovery on different types of hardware. Paragon’s exclusive Connect VD technology. Redesigned partitioning engine compatible with all modern hard drives achieves the highest partitioning speed ever!

IRVINE, Calif. March 01, 2012 –/BackupReview.info/– Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, announces the release of new Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite and Professional editions. This all-in-one software contains every hard disk management tool to meet the needs of PC users seeking to keep their vital digital data safe and effectively maintained in physical or virtual environments, including full functionality for partitioning, backup and recovery, copy and migration, security and optimization, boot management, and virtualization tasks. With its easy-to-use wizard interface and Paragon’s typical method of providing a simple way to solve complex tasks, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 targets beginners as well as advanced home and home office users.

With a new engine supporting the latest storage technologies, including high-capacity Solid State Drives (SSDs), Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 achieves the fastest recorded partitioning speed to date. The communication between Paragon Hard Disk Manager and the Microsoft VSS service has been elevated. In addition to the option of migrating physical systems to a virtual environment and P2V Adjust OS Wizard offered in both versions of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12, the professional edition offers Paragon’s exclusive Connect VD technology to connect virtual hard drives directly to the software. All partitioning, backup and migration tasks can be applied to virtual drives as if they were physically connected.

“For nearly two decades, Paragon Software has consistently led the market in hard disk management and data safety development, pushing the discovery of more powerful and inclusive tools that are as relevant to today’s technologies as to emerging storage standards. Hard Disk Manager 12 continues to support Paragon’s reputation for producing the industry’s highest-rated hard disk maintenance and system migration utility with faster, more flexible partition control and virtualization capabilities combined with our other technologies into one single, very useable tool.” said Konstantin Komarov, CEO of Paragon Software Group.

New features in Hard Disk Manager 12:

  • P2P and P2V Adjust OS. Makes OS start up after unsuccessful migration or virtualization with third-party tools.
  • Ability to migrate between physical disks and virtual machines. Migrates a physical system to a virtual environment by converting software environment into a virtual disk of the required virtual machine.
  • Exclusive Paragon Connect VD technology with non-destructive read/write mode when all changes applied to the mounted virtual drive are stored in a special snapshot file (Professional edition only).
  • New Partitioning Engine - the fastest currently available, carries out all types of partitioning schemes, is compatible with all types of modern hard drives and high-capacity SSDs.
  • Support UEFI installations of operating systems.
  • Split partitions - split any partition in two with desired size and proportions. Choose which files and folders are stored on the first partition and which to store on the other one.
  • Resume operations on virtual volumes in case of disconnection or any other unexpected situation (Professional edition only)
  • Improved write-operations by using asynchronous backup to improve backup processing speeds.
  • Encrypted Backup to avoid unauthorized access to your backup files.
  • Supports new wiping algorithms (Professional version): US Navy, British HMG Infosec, German VSItR, Australian ASCI 33, Gutmann’s, Shneier’s.

Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite is available for $49.95 from:


Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional for $99.95 from:


Connect with Paragon on:






Paragon Software Group
Katia Shabanova, +49-761-59018-181

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