By Alexander Eiriksson, COO at Securstore Online Backup
March 09, 2012

Securstore Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Snapshot Revolution – Asigra Snapshot Integration

Innovation is the human response to challenge. Snapshot technology is one innovative response to data management challenges presented by growing volumes of data.

Snapshot technology gained popularity in the 1990′s. This technology was and is used to capture or snap the state of the system at a point in time. The process freezes the state in time and stores the data set as a unified whole for future recovery. Any subsequent changes in the state of the data may be re-snapped or incremental changes may be identified and stored with referential pointers to initial state of the data set. Read-write snapshots used in virtualization, sandboxing and virtual hosting —also known as branching snapshots— may create versions of a data set by maintaining referential integrity with the original data set.

The high point of this technology is that data captures can happen even while the systems continue to operate. There is no call to shut down operations or summarily stop them while backup of data happens. The snapshots can be taken on the fly and data set processing for incremental storage of snapshots with referential pointers can happen in real time in a non-disruptive manner.

Snapshot technology comes in many flavors. A case study in point is the use of snapshot technology by Asigra for backup to the cloud. This software provisions for Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and makes snapshot technology an integral part of the continuous backup process—specifically the NetApp Snapshots, which are meshed with the CDP technology at the API level. The snapshot layers replicate DR sites and allow users to write data to the cloud or to a local device for additional redundancy of data. The Backup Life Cycle Management (BLM) technology in use, permits write operations. The snapshots thus created can be used to recover or restore information to same or similar hardware anywhere in the world.

The Snapshot/ CDP implementation works on Windows or Linux or UNIX systems without agents. It records every data change event till granular level changes are tracked, aggregated, deduplicated, compressed and encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption algorithms before it is transmitted offsite. The DS-System, then automatically checks the data for consistency and recoverability. Files marked as irrecoverable or corrupted are called up again from the snapshot or the system till consistency is established and recoverability is ascertained.

The Asigra advantage is the automation of both snapshot and CDP technology and their integration.

Securstore provides a bespoke offsite backup solution catered for customers who have both mission-critical data and non-critical data i.e. it provides customers with a secure & efficient backup and recovery solution which is sustainable over time. This coupled with agentless technology and advanced support for all environments and applications makes it suitable for any type of business, data centre provider or reseller.

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About the Author: Alexander Eiriksson is the COO of Securstore, an Asigra based cloud backup provider certified by British Standards Institute for ISO 27001 and ANAB. Established in 1991, Securstore provides businesses and enterprise customers a technically advanced solution in UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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