Home Network Backup Claimed to be Delivered to the Next Level of Convenience

Novosoft LLC, the reputed software developer, announced a new approach to home network backup: the devices get backed up and synced by a single Handy Backup edition, requiring minimal configuration.

Alliance, Ohio, March 21, 2012 –/– Novosoft, the developer of Handy Backup, the acclaimed backup software, announced significant changes in the product architecture oriented toward easy home network backup across multiple devices. The new approach will bring backup, automatic sync, and easy data access from multiple entrance points to home network desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, by a single Handy Backup solution. The announced functionality is bet-testing presently, and enthusiastic users are already welcome to subscribe.

“Three PCs, two laptops under Windows 7 and one more under Mac, three iPhones, four Android mobiles, two e-readers, two network disks for 4TB, and three TVs connected to a wireless network and iTunes. These days with have our homes packed with tons of various devices. We do already have a common home network. But what has been missing up to now is a common tool to get the stuff synced and, what is specifically important, backed up. Once and forever. That is when new Handy Backup comes to town,” said Aleks Dow, the head of Handy Backup Analytics Department.

Novosoft announced the changes in the product architecture which will make it possible for users to easy configure home network backup.

The new functionality gets network machines synced for two major goals:

  •   no data from no device get lost;
  •   files from one home network computer are accessible from another.

The declared target audience of the refined product are families in which the generations (grandparents, parents, children, etc.) own diverse digital devices used for various purposes. The platforms to be covered are Windows, Android, and Linux in the first lines, Mac OS, Kindle OS, and others after that.

The upcoming set of home network features is already accessible as individual backup options in the present Handy Backup solutions. There are already backup scheduling and folder sync in all software editions, remote network in Network Server, and mobile device backup via a standalone app. Soon those plus new home network features will be available in a single product.

The unified home network management functionality is in testing phase now. The product can be requested on Handy Backup Google+ page, with first-to-apply users getting the software for free.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is a family of acclaimed data backup and restore killer apps for PCs, servers, mixed OS networks, and Android mobile devices. The software prices are from $0 for Handy Backup for Android to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server, the most advanced software editions for running backups of an entire network from a single administrator PC. The present version is 7.1.1. For more information, feel irresistibly welcome to visit the official Handy Backup brand page, Handy Backup on Google+, Facebook, and @Handy_Backup channel on Twitter.

About Novosoft
Established in 1992, Novosoft LLC specializes in software development and IT consultancy services. The product line includes software for powerful yet cost-efficient data backup, business process automation, and a number of other killer apps. Among Novosoft partners and clients there are Stanford University, Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, and many companies of literally all possible sizes. For more information, please be welcome to refer to

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Phone: +7 (383) 330-34-69

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