By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
Mar. 26, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Growing Impact of “Cloudonomics” on SMBs

It seems like everywhere you turn nowadays people are talking about how the very nature of computing itself is shifting more and more rapidly toward the cloud. And, for good reason, cloud computing is indeed becoming standard-issue when it comes to modern day IT configurations for businesses of all sizes. But, how exactly is “cloudonomics” (or the economics of cloud computing) effecting the overall economical world of SMBs?

Cloud computing is what is called a “disruptive technology”, which means that it is one that creates a new market and thus undermines the presence of an older, more outdated one. For this reason, many businesses are now coming to the realization that avoiding the transition into the cloud can be a very dangerous choice to make if they indeed desire to keep up with the competition. Cloud computing is currently putting tools in the hands of developing businesses that were once only available to the largest of enterprises, and this is by far the most important part of the cloud for SMBs to understand, while larger businesses have had these sort of tools at their disposal for a relatively longer period of time. It is the SMBs that stand to reap the most immediate rewards from the cloud, and thus those developing businesses that shirk these advantages stand to get left behind by those that don’t.

So, what are all of these advantageous tools that we are referring to? Well, to start off, one main element of cloud services that can be particularly beneficial to SMBs is the scalability of pricing often offered by cloud vendors. Thanks to the cloud, developing businesses no longer have to worry about investing for future growth when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Instead, they are now able to pay for IT services on an as-needed basis, much like one pays their monthly electricity bill. This can be extremely crucial to the success of any newer business where budgets are tight, and success hangs in a tenuous balance where every investment must be carefully weighed in potential importance due to a relative scarcity in financial resources. In addition to this, cloud computing makes it so that if SMBs have a sudden upswing in businesses that require them to access a whole new host of cloud-based IT tools, those resources can be rendered available almost instantly by the online data backup and cloud computing service provider, which cuts down on the possibility of delays in IT infrastructure expansion that often in the past could be so debilitating to developing businesses.

Another element of cloud computing that is proving to be extremely attractive to SMBs it the fact that they can often put to use in-house resources (into which they have already invested) toward their overall cloud-infused IT systems. Many could vendors offer hybrid solutions, especially when it comes to backup processes, wherein companies are encouraged to harness their existing in-house IT equipment to work in conjunction with the cloud services being offered by the online data backup and cloud computing companies. One primary advantage to this is that it gives many SMBs the opportunity to not only have their backup processes overseen by an off-site, third party expert, but also to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that if their company were to suffer a massive data loss disaster they would have both the ability to restore their data from an off-site source (which, obviously, can become an absolute necessity in the event of a natural disaster or theft) and the relatively faster data restoring rate that can only be brought about by backing up locally.

In addition to this, it is important to keep in mind that by trusting their IT concerns to cloud vendors, SMBs are not only getting the best, most cutting-edge IT services around, they are also able to take advantage of low prices due to the high levels of competition within the world of cloud vendors. Cloud computing is a booming market and therefore competition is high, and this is serving to drive down prices for cloud services, which in turn has brought about an ideal situation for those SMBs willing to harness the power of the cloud. Indeed, at this point cloud computing could be described as a “buyer’s market”, where it is the client that has the upper hand, with so many cloud vendors currently available that they are easily able to find the one that is the perfect fit for their business’s needs. And, for this reason, cloud vendors are being held to very high standards, which is obviously also very advantageous for their clients as well.

Lastly, one of the hugest factors fueling the cloud revolution for SMBs is the geographical flexibility that it brings about for developing businesses. Many smaller enterprises, after all, cannot afford to invest in the construction of large office complexes, or, for that matter, to attract the perfect employees to migrate to their particular geographical location. Collaboration in the cloud allows developing businesses to tap into human resources from anywhere across the globe, which not only eradicates the costs of committing to paying dedicated, in-house employees, but also serves to put a vastly wider pool of talent at the disposal of SMBs. And, in addition to this, by harnessing the cloud developing businesses can also enjoy the possibility of more seamless collaboration with other similar organizations across the globe as well, which is a huge advantage in our increasingly integrated online marketplace.

We here at KineticD understand that as a developing business you have many cloud vendors to choose from, and that is why we make it our highest priority to ensure that our online data backup and cloud computing services are second to none. One the many aspects of KineticD that we believe separates us from the competition is our patented Continuous Backup technology that keeps all of your company’s files backed up at all times (even files that are currently open and whose changes have not yet been saved). Of course, what makes us the most proud is our satisfied clientele of over 40,000 SMBs and 900 resellers that continues to grow every day. However, like all business decisions, you shouldn’t just take our word for it, so please stop by our website today to try our free 14-day trial to decide for yourself whether or not KineticD is the right choice for your SMB.

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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