By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
April 20, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Common Misconceptions About Cloud Computing

Regardless of the increasing popularity of cloud computing, there are surprisingly still quite a few businesses that are holding back from joining this quickly spreading revolution in IT technology. And, by not taking advantage of cloud services, these enterprises are unfortunately cutting themselves off from a myriad of resources that are quickly now becoming quite common to businesses of all sizes. Indeed, with cloud vendors offering automatic data security, increased mobile data accessibility and enhanced collaboration tools to more and more business clients every day, why are these enterprises still insisting on doing things the old fashioned way? Well, one of the main reasons might be the fact that there are unfortunately several common misconceptions about the basic mechanics of the cloud, and these misconceptions can sometimes leave companies somewhat unsure about trusting their important business data to cloud vendors.

The first of these myths concerns data security in the cloud, and rightly so. After all, if a businesses wants to indeed remain in business in the first place, the safety and security of their data must always be maintained as a top priority. However, most of these concerns about the security of data that is stored in the cloud are largely unfounded, often being based on a few isolated incidents that have unfortunately been sensationalized in the media. Indeed, it is important to keep in mind that online data backup and cloud computing service providers specialize in protecting the data of the clients that they serve, and thus the track records of almost all highly regarded cloud vendors are close to, if not totally, flawless when it comes to data security. In fact, because of this, businesses that utilize the services of these third party IT experts to protect their data end up receiving much higher levels of data security than they could ever hope to achieve through the use of their own in-house data protection resources.

In addition to this, although it is easy to fear the compromisation of data that is sent over the Internet, it is critical to bear in mind that sending information to and from a cloud vendor is one of the safest methods that exist for transferring data online, with many cloud vendors (including us, of course) applying advanced levels of data encryption to their clients’ files before they even leave their systems to be transferred and backed up online. This is done through the use of special software that is installed on the computers that are to be connected to the cloud vendor, and ensures that the data will never, ever fall into the wrong hands. In fact, many online data backup companies go so far as to have their encryption algorithms certified by government agencies like FIPS 140-2, and oftentimes the end user of these services are issued an exclusive client-side decryption key, which guarantees that only they, and not even the cloud vendors themselves, could ever decrypt and gain access to any of their files.

Another common myth surrounding the use of cloud services is that they can be inconsistently available in comparison to the accessibility of in-house networks. This is also an unfounded misconception, with modern day bandwidths and transfer speeds far surpassing the level of Internet services that were available in years past. In addition to this, when one considers the ubiquitous nature of email, social networking sites and e-commerce in general that is constantly leveraged in business nowadays, it is quite obvious that access to and usage of the Internet itself is becoming a more and more crucial element in almost all modern day business activities, and one of the top priorities of the cloud vendor is to seek to make these online transactions and practices more fluid, connected, and secure. Essentially, enterprises that avoid taking advantage of the cloud for fear of inconsistent levels of accessibility should consider that fact that cloud services are only as consistent as the quality of the Internet service that connects them to their clients in the first place.

Lastly, many potential cloud users fear that the software that is used to back up and access their data online will effect the overall performance of their in-house systems. This misconception is probably at least partially due to the fact that oftentimes they have simply not experienced online data backup firsthand. Modern day client software is extremely light, allowing for automatic backup processes to be constantly running in the background and yet also remain entirely unnoticed by the user of the system that is being protected. KineticD’s patented Continuous Backup software, for example, only backs up data when there will be no impact on system performance, temporarily halting data encryption and online backup processes during any time of heavy network traffic. Also, once the total system upload is complete, the only files that are sent online are ones that have been altered or saved anew, with the client-side software issued by many cloud vendors making it so that only the parts of files that have been changed must be sent to the online data cache, and not whole new versions of the files themselves (which, of course, also increases the security of the data being sent over the Internet as well).

Luckily, while some enterprises still remain relatively ill-informed as to the security, performance and convenience of online data backup and cloud computing, more and more businesses are coming to their senses every day about just how much cloud services can improve the ins and outs of their business’s overall IT infrastructure. Of course, one of the best ways to learn more about the world of online data backup and cloud computing is to simply try modern day cloud services out for yourself, and for this reason we here at KineticD always offer our free 14-day trial, allowing our potential customers to test out how our services work before they make any kind of commitment. So, why not stop by our website today to learn more about what the cloud has to offer your SMB?

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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