By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
May 07, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Advantages of Virtualized IT Services for SMBs

There is no doubt about it; one of the biggest challenges to owning a developing business is establishing the proper infrastructure needed for said business to have the ability to grow in the first place. Alas, no matter how profitable your SMB’s product or service has the potential to be, it may never be able to land in the hands of enough future customers if the proper systems aren’t in place to successfully and efficiently deliver it. This, of course, pertains to all levels of business operations, from the ability to hire the right employees, to the successful adopting of the most profitable business model possible to help your SMB get and stay ahead of the rest of the competition.

Luckily for SMBs, however, the cloud is here to help!

Indeed, the benefits that modern day, virtualized cloud computing can offer developing enterprises can serve to assist with many of these above-mentioned areas of business development, and they all stem from the cloud’s ability to help SMBs more easily obtain ideal IT systems. Unfortunately, when it comes to IT concerns, oftentimes developing businesses can get trapped in “catch 22″ spending predicaments. For example, some SMBs might find themselves in a position in which if they choose not to invest massive amounts of capital in the proper IT infrastructure in order to plan ahead for future success (and thus the need for more IT resources at that time) then they are running the risk of “dropping the ball” if business indeed does increase, but, on the other hand, if they spend too much on IT, they will not have the funds to keep the rest of their enterprise afloat in the first place! Often in the past, this type of financial conundrum has traditionally lead to CIOs being unfortunately forced to make damaging compromises in the quality of their IT systems.

However, by taking advantage of the services offered by third party cloud vendors, SMBs can find themselves configured with a perfectly tailored, state of the art IT solution almost instantly! This is brought about through the highly scalable pricing solutions now offered by more and more cloud vendors, in which businesses only have to pay for the amount and type of IT services that they need to use at a given time, while also being able to increase their level of services at a moment’s notice whenever the need should arise. This new advanced approach to IT is allowing developing businesses everywhere to avoid having to compromise when it comes to their IT implementation, as well as also not having to worry nearly as much about all of the technical ins and outs of IT infrastructures in the fist place. And, whereas in the not-so-distant past businesses would have to purchase standardized hardware in order to properly connect with cloud services, modern day cloud vendors employ flexible, cross-platform IT solutions which are able to be implemented on almost any type of operating system or computer, including smaller personal digital devices like netbooks and smartphones.

And, the advantages certainly don’t stop there. Along with more cost-efficient overall IT implementation, the increased mobile data flexibility offered by cloud vendors can be hugely beneficial for any SMB trying to get ahead in our highly globalized world marketplace. With the cloud, employees that are travelling to business conventions and other functions need no longer worry about forgetting to bring along all of the proper files to share with colleagues from other companies and potential customers, with all company data now being easily accessible from portable digital devices. In addition to this, the aforementioned challenge of finding and hiring the right employees for SMBs is now also made vastly easier, with cloud services making the leveraging of human resources from any location a newfound possibility for many SMBs. And, cloud computing brings about increased flexibility when it comes to collaborating too, allowing businesses of all sizes the ability to share and harness resources from across the globe and easily develop projects with partner companies and other collaborators.

Overall, the main advantage to utilizing the services of cloud vendors for SMBs is an easily obtained increase in the quality of their IT system at more reasonable prices than if they tried to bring about the same level of infrastructure using in-house IT resources. And, in addition to the fact that modern day cloud services are technologically cutting-edge in nature, it must also be kept in mind that cloud vendors are, by default, the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to IT in general. This fact allows businesses to by and large “leave it to the experts” when it comes to their IT concerns, which, of course, frees them up to concentrate on the myriad other elements that go into ensuring that their SMB continues to prosper and grow. And finally, as mentioned before, the scalable pricing structures offered by modern day cloud vendors is serving to make the cloud newly accessible to more and more developing businesses with limited budgets to invest in traditional in-house IT infrastructures.

We here at KineticD are indeed proud to be on the forefront of this revolution in IT for business, and make it our first priority to get to know the companies we serve so that we can provide for them the most efficient and beneficial cloud services for their particular type of business. We offer state of the art public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, highly scalable pricing systems and the most advanced data encryption, deduplication and hassle-free continuous online data backup services currently available on the market today. So, with over 40,000 clients worldwide, why not stop by our website today to learn more about what the KineticD advantage is all about?

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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