By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
May 14, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Expanding Your SMB’s Horizons in the Cloud

There is no doubt about it; in order for a developing enterprise to achieve success in today’s business world, it is crucial that it maintains the ability to compete in our rapidly expanding online global marketplace. In this modern era of increased data mobilization and overall worldwide connectedness, geographical boundaries can now thankfully be rendered boundaries no more through the use of e-commerce and third party, online cloud computing services. Thus, the need for developing businesses to take advantage of these services cannot be ignored if they want to stay ahead of the competition, or indeed just stay in business in the first place!

However, in order for smaller and medium-sized businesses to fully take advantage of what the cloud has to offer, a cloud computing solution that features a scalable pricing structure must first be obtained. After all, one of the main advantages to harnessing the power of the cloud is the fact that cloud services are virtualized, which in turn means that businesses no longer need to invest in costly, in-house IT infrastructures that they don’t presently require in order to be fully prepared for when the need for them may arise in the near future. Indeed, with cloud services, as soon the requirement comes about for more data storage capacity, higher bandwidth or a larger number of servers, these resources can all be implemented by the cloud vendor at a moment’s notice, ensuring that SMBs will always have all the IT resources that they need, and at the same time also guaranteeing that they aren’t accidentally paying for any services that they don’t actually require.

Of course, the cloud’s ability to expand your business’s horizons certainly doesn’t end with its convenient and cost-cutting scalability. Everywhere, the virtualization of IT infrastructures in the cloud is reshaping the way that businesses do business in the first place, as more and more SMBs are turning to the cloud to help them more efficiently and dynamically deliver their products to their customers. In fact, the cloud is serving to transform the very nature of business/customer relationships, with both sides now oftentimes having the ability to make more well informed choices, suggestions and transactions when it comes to finding just the right product or delivering the most ideal service. In addition to these advantages, by harnessing the power of the cloud, businesses can enjoy the convenience of having their data available from any location that has an Internet connection, making the leveraging of said data to drive sales easier than it has ever been before.

Yet another important, horizon-expanding element to the cloud for developing businesses is that of an increased ease when it comes to collaborating on projects. Whether joining forces with other businesses, or simply sharing a group file across the enterprise, online collaboration is a very important tool for SMBs. Indeed, through collaboration, businesses can take advantage of the specialties of other enterprises and enjoy the ability of harnessing the power of employees that live across the globe (or that are simply on the move), and cloud IT vendors are now granting more and more businesses the ability to do this with an ease and convenience that has never before been possible. One example of the many advanced cloud collaboration tools available today is called “file versioning”, in which older, unsaved versions of files are automatically backed up to the cloud vendor’s servers, allowing businesses to virtually go “back in time” and retrieve past versions of files in the case that a file is edited or saved incorrectly during the collaboration process.

Of course, these are just a few of the myriad advantages that cloud computing could bring to your developing business. Here at KineticD, we specialize in making sure that all of our over 40,000 clients are taking the fullest advantage possible of the many different resources that cloud computing has to offer their enterprises. Our host of award-winning online data backup services are all highly scalable, and we’ve been pioneering cloud technologies (like our patented Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Backup services) since 2002. So, why not stop by our website today to find out more about how KineticD could help expand your business’s horizons?

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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