Willenhall, West Midlands, May 17, 2012 — / — Online Data Backup Solutions is capable of providing full backup support for single and multiple PCs, especially in the business set ups. It helps saving your time for retrieving the data from hard disk by using different technical methods. Besides this, FiveBackup ensures complete safety of your data from viruses and spyware. You can even use encryption codes to protect the data from being accessed by anyone else, without your approval.

In simple language, online data backup is the procedure of saving the important information on a remote server with the help of internet connection. It helps you to have the duplicate copies of all those crucial files that are saved in the memory of your computer device, so that you can easily retrieve those files, at the time of emergency. Interestingly, you can rely upon FiveBackup for PCs and servers, which is affordable and convenient way of keeping backup for all the necessary data and information. You just need to create a user account to start using online data storage centre. It will help you and your employees to work fearlessly, without thinking about the major and minor issues arising in their computer systems. If, one system goes wrong, you can still proceeded with the work by using a different computer system as you can access all your files that are saved on a remote server.

Online Data Backup can also be useful for maintaining your confidentiality while using the shared computer. When you save the confidential files on the online data storage space, the other computer users will not be able to access those files. However, if you want someone to use those files in your absence, you will have to share the user account information with that person. FiveBackup also helps you to be protected against data loss due to natural disasters and catastrophes. We cannot control the nature but we can always take some preventive measures to avoid facing big losses due to data loss in the incidences of flood, earthquake, fire etc.

Online data backup allows you to move anywhere without loosing your touch with the official records. If, you want to move out of the city attend an important official meeting or for making a business deal, you can use a remote computer to check out the past records, at any moment. Thus, it allows you to experience greater flexibility and the best part is that you can share the online storage space with your business partner in order to maintain full transparency. Not just this, a business owner will be able to check the performance of all his employees by checking the saved files at any moment of time. If, you want to hire the services of Online Data Backup Solutions, you must check the comparison chart of its plans. However, all the information about its services is available at

About the company:
Online Data Backup Solutions helps you to carry out your business operations in a smooth manner with the assurance of fool proof safety of your files being stored on the remote server. FiveBackup is equally effective for keeping backup for PCs and servers, which means that you can use the reliable backup services for fulfilling your individual and business needs. It will help you have greater flexibility, as you can access the stored files from anywhere, and at anytime.

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Phone: +44 (0) 845 838 0844
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