By Alexander Eiriksson, COO at Securstore Online Backup
May 31, 2012

Securstore Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud based Data Nuclei – Predicting the Future of the CIO

The Chief Information Officer’s (CIOs) role is being transformed. Data that was jealously guarded within the four walls of the enterprise datacentre is now residing in remote servers in the cloud. Does this undermine the role of the CIO? Will there be a new role ten years from now?

The answers to the questions are unambiguous. The CIO’s role will continue to be important and may even become crucial to the success of the enterprise. The CIO will work closely with the management in strategizing the business and harnessing the power of technology to streamline operations. The CIO will be expected to display both analytical skills and management prowess.

The future technology will be heterogeneous and desktops, laptops, androids, iPhones and other kinds of devices will vie with each other in demanding access to information. The CIO will have to anticipate the demand and build the necessary infrastructure and security systems.

Physical datacentres and even localized IT departments may cease to exist. IT will move to the cloud. Information may be dished out from cloud backups. IT services will be administered from remote locations as a utility service that is billed by a “unit of usage”. CIOs will have fewer employees reporting to them and even security management, identity management, and emergency responses may be controlled remotely.

Business will be kinetic and collaboration will be the norm. End users may not even be workers within the enterprise. Sellers, buyers, business partners and others may draw upon and process cloud backed up information that earlier was available only with the enterprise. Video conferencing, file sharing, online meetings and activities of the same ilk will draw heavily on information available on cloud backups and online networks. The CIO will have to determine how employees will access the different services and what rights and permissions can be assigned to each individual on the online cloud based network.

A number of incoming technical issues will dog the heels of the CIO. Online cloud based support teams will become more complex. Employees accessing cloud backups and cloud based SaaS resources will demand support on a number of issues. The CIO will have to put in place a number of “bots” and manage them. Self support systems will have to be designed and maintained in parallel with face to face or help desk systems.

In short, the role of the CIO will be pivotal to the cloud enabled business.

Securstore provides a bespoke offsite backup solution catered for customers who have both mission-critical data and non-critical data i.e. it provides customers with a secure & efficient backup and recovery solution which is sustainable over time. This coupled with agentless technology and advanced support for all environments and applications makes it suitable for any type of business, data centre provider or reseller.

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About the Author: Alexander Eiriksson is the COO of Securstore, an Asigra based cloud backup provider certified by British Standards Institute for ISO 27001 and ANAB. Established in 1991, Securstore provides businesses and enterprise customers a technically advanced solution in UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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