By Jeff Cato, VP of Marketing at CoreVault
June 8, 2012

CoreVault Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Data Breaches Are Getting Scarier by the Day

There was a recent article published by the Washington Post talking about medical data breaches and how they are raising alarms for a lot of people. It specifically focused on the medical community and their process of going digital with medical records. Data security is a challenge that businesses are slowly grasping, but what damage is done between now and when they finally get it, could be devastating.

One of the recent data loss examples cited was with Howard University Hospital and their two data breach incidents over a course of a few short weeks earlier this year. The first one was with a medical technician using her position to gain access to confidential patient information and then selling it. The second incident was with a contractor downloading patient files onto his laptop and then having it stolen. There were more than 34,000 patients’ medical data compromised as a result of this second one. We are talking people’s social security numbers, names, addresses and even diagnosis related data. Wow!

Laptops are a hot theft item because of the information they can contain and eventually have sold. According to the FBI, a laptop is lost or stolen every 53 seconds. That is a lot of laptops and data at risk every day. Health and Human Services (HHS) also was quoted as stating more than 40% of medical data breaches in the past 2-1/2 years involved portable media devices such as laptops and hard drives.

Two things businesses can do to help protect themselves are to:

1) encrypt the confidential data

2) backup data on all laptops and portable devices.

We talk to many companies that do not have an automated and secure way of backing up their data on portable devices leaving themselves very vulnerable. It is a no brainer to implement a cloud backup solution to take care of this second recommendation.

Let me add insult to injury with one more medical data loss incident mentioned in the article. It pertained to TRICARE, a company that handles insurance for the military. Guess what happened? Its backup tapes were stolen from one of their contractors. Can you say LIABILITY? So many companies are still using external hard drives, backup tapes, thumb drives, and even cds. These manual methods create such a liability to businesses and the human error that can take place with them. In addition, this article was centered on medical data breaches. So HIPAA regulations are an issue and violations are getting looked at and scrutinized a little more seriously these days. Hopefully, with the new reporting rules requiring health care providers to notify HHS and the news media with breaches affecting more than 500 people, they will help increase the awareness of these problems. And, hopefully some stiff penalties and offered solutions will decrease these incidents in the future.

If your business wants to learn more on why businesses are embracing cloud backup, then download our latest whitepaper today. You can also reach out to one of our cloud experts to discuss how we can help improve the protection of your data.

About the Author: Jeff Cato is V.P. of Marketing at CoreVault, an online data backup and cloud based data storage company located in Oklahoma.

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