By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
June 29, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Obtaining Real End-to-End Cloud IT

With the present boom of the cloud IT industry, there has in turn been an explosion in the number of cloud vendors out there to choose from. For this reason, businesses can oftentimes find themselves hard-pressed at just how to start narrowing down the selection so as to obtain the highest level of cloud services available. Well, one great place to begin is finding out if the cloud vendor you are considering actually offers all-inclusive, end-to-end cloud services. After all, what is the use of taking advantage of the cloud if you don’t get a solution that helps your business manage and benefit from its IT in every way that is technologically possible?

It should be said, however, that obtaining end-to-end data protection and cloud IT can often end up being a lot easier said than done. Alas, many smaller, developing businesses are not even aware of what is currently possible with cloud services in the first place! Just to name a few features, modern day, all-inclusive online data backup allows businesses the ability to backup data from many separate systems automatically, easy remote data access, extensive cloud collaboration tools, and cutting edge security tools including bank-grade data encryption and client-side encryption keys. And, in addition to all of these important technical elements, all top-quality cloud vendors must have an extensive customer support network if they wish to successfully deliver true end-to-end cloud IT solutions to their clients.

As stated before, the cloud service industry is flooded with many service providers, and unfortunately few of them truly deliver what they promise (or promise only that which they can deliver). Many cloud vendors fail to recognize the crucial importance of centralizing, and thus simplifying, the data backup and data recovery processes, and even fewer seem to make it a priority that their online data backup and cloud computing solutions be easy and simple to use for their clients. However, cloud vendors that are “worth their salt” know all of this, and thus are able to offer their clients cloud IT solutions that are both feature-rich and extremely simple to use, with even the most uninformed of IT managers being able to easily install and leverage the client-side software that is the true epicenter of the online data backup process.

Indeed, as an overall rule, it is important to keep in mind that a cloud solution is only going to be as effective and easy to use as its user interface. Whereas before businesses had to take the time to install software on any machine that they wanted to keep backed up, “agentless” backup software, which only needs to be installed on one central machine, is thankfully becoming more and more the standard. Once installed, this software should allow the administrators that use it the ability to easily assign different rights and permissions when it comes to various data across the enterprise, schedule manual backups when the need arises, and define data retention policies for their enterprise as well. But, beyond the heart of superior cloud services – the quality of the software – what other aspects need be in place in order to guarantee a truly end-to-end cloud IT solution?

Well, there are, of course, many. Remote desktop management is a very valuable modern-day cloud IT tool in which employees can directly access their work computers while on the go. Mobile data accessibility should be easily obtained using a simple, web-based interface that can run on any digital device that has access to the internet. State of the art cloud vendors are sure to monitor system resources and automatically apply bandwidth throttling when need be so that system performance is never compromised by the backup process. And, most importantly, the majority of backups should be both incremental and fully automatic, which leaves the least room for error and minimizes the amount of system resources required to ensure that the online data backup cache is always as up-to-date as possible.

Data-deduplication, file versioning, the availability of hybrid cloud solutions; the myriad elements that should be in place in order to ensure that you are receiving true end-to-end cloud services can almost seem limitless at times! That’s why we here at KineticD have spent over 10 years perfecting the online data backup and cloud computing experience, and all the while we’ve never lost a file! So, with our over 60,000 satisfied business users and 1,000 partners, you’ll know that you’re getting everything that the cloud has to offer if you choose to go with us. But, don’t just take our word for it; experience KineticD firsthand by stopping by our website today and signing up for our free 14-day trial!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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