By Jeff Cato, VP of Marketing at CoreVault
July 13, 2012

CoreVault Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Is Your Data Protection Plan Code Blue?

I love the Fourth of July, as we have the privilege of celebrating our freedom, watching fireworks, eating BBQ and hanging out with some awesome friends. At one of the social events we attended on July 4th, I was able to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while, one in particular being a friend around the same young age as myself. Catching up on lost time, I heard more about his recent heart attack that nearly took his life. He went on a bike ride with a friend one morning not long ago, and when the two of them finished they uncharacteristically decided to drive and grab coffee at Starbucks. In route to the location, he all of a sudden began experiencing all of the pains common to someone experiencing a heart attack. Thankfully, the friend took him to the hospital right away where he wound up going code blue while in the hospital seeking treatment. Thankfully, they were able to resuscitate him and he is still with us today. If he had not been in the car with a friend and near a local hospital, he more than likely wouldn’t have lived.

Is your data protection plan code blue? Do you have a data backup and/or disaster recovery plan in place? I see and talk to a lot of businesses that, like my friend, are going about their days like always. They wake up, go to work and go through the motions with no expectation of any surprises to come along the way. All of a sudden the unexpected happens. Someone deletes important files, a hard drive crashes, a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire takes place out of nowhere. So what happens next? Do you have someone who can diagnose the problem and have a solution for your business? How long will it take your business to react to the symptoms and get to someone who can help before it’s too late?

Like my friend who had sudden symptoms of an impending heart attack, what is your business prepared to do when symptoms occur that are telling signs of a larger problem about to take place? What are those symptoms, you might ask? How about unencrypted data, no backups, data not backed up nightly nor stored off-site, and no backup validation process. Who is driving your company’s data protection strategy and watching over your company’s data? Do they know what to do in a time of crisis and who can help you when a data crisis occurs? Is it your assistant, internal IT person, IT contracter or some other employee just haphazardly chosen to do something about it? Will you be fortunate enough to be with someone at the time a disaster takes place so they can rescue you from your situation like my friend did? Who can you call on to help rescue your data when it is lost, no matter how much? Who is your code blue team that will shock your company back into existence after a major data loss?

The reality is you can rely on good fortune, hope things work out and someone can bail you out when the disaster takes place, or you can have a good daily process and plan in place so whenever this type of situation occurs your code blue team is ready to go. Do you have an experienced team to help revive you from a data code blue that is ready for the challenge? If you lose most or all of your data and your code blue team is not nearby to respond and take care of your need, then the likelihood of your business surviving is slim to none.

We can be the code blue team to help with the protection and recovery of your data who knows how to respond to these types of situations. If you plan today, the pain you experience when a disaster takes place will be minimal because your data will be able to be recovered quickly. Contact us today so we can help you put a plan in place to improve your data protection strategy.

About the Author: Jeff Cato is V.P. of Marketing at CoreVault, an online data backup and cloud based data storage company located in Oklahoma.

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