While online data backup is becoming an increasingly attractive solution for companies, there are certain factors to look out for when choosing a supplier.

Reading, UK, 26 July 2012 — / — With a proven track record in providing online data backup to businesses of all sizes, leading IT support and services company 365iTMS advise the key features that clients need to ensure they safeguard their intellectual property effectively.

The first factor that makes all the difference when it comes to peace of mind is choosing an online data backup solution that offers a UK-based data centre – this means that none of a company’s precious information will be stored off-shore.

This should also be robustly reinforced by bank level encryption when the local storage platform is mirrored to the Cloud.

Complimenting these safeguards, 365iTMS recommend clients also opt for a service that provides complete 24/7 support via both telephone and email.

Director at 365iTMS, Peter Howells, commented: “It’s a shame that the usual industry standard for suppliers of online data backup is to usually only provide email support to their customers – any business knows how critical data is to their success, so if there’s ever a problem they need help at hand fast.”

He added: “It’s also extremely important in our view to offer proactive monitoring and management of the data backup process so that we can advise our clients effectively as well as notify them immediately of exception reports – this unfortunately is also not the norm.”

A further solution that 365iT Services recommend is Microsoft Exchange Server. This is the most effective way to backup data since the agent intelligently clears Exchange log files which saves a great deal of time. In addition, it offers the ability to restore single emails with ease to maximise productivity levels.

The fifth tip to ensure companies choose the right online backup provider is flexible data replication – each client should be able to choose the frequency of backup to suit their needs. 365iTMS says that business owners should clarify the importance of their data so that in the event of a network failure or other incident, their information is always available and restored in real-time or near real-time.

Peter Howells concluded: “While traditional approaches provide data backup on a daily ‘batch’ basis, this leaves a company vulnerable to data loss throughout the day. Our non-intrusive solution makes copies of data files as they happen, since if disaster strikes, a business needs to be able to recover and restore their most recent data with a few simple clicks of a mouse and from anywhere using just a browser.”

Finally, the ideal online backup service should not only be easy to use and tailored to each individual company’s specific needs, clients should be offered a free trial so they can see for themselves whether the solution is a hand-to-glove fit.

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