Introducing an automatic file backup tool

Cloud Bucks has just launched an online backup technology that allows all computer owners and users a prime opportunity to backup their computer files and data within a couple clicks of a button.

Sydney, Australia, August 1, 2012 — / — You’ve been working all night on a very important assignment. It’s 3:00 AM and you’re all done! 300 pages of a document, with over 100 pictures and 75 diagrams. You’re boss will be proud of you when you present the document at the 8:00 AM staff meeting. It’s time to close shop and get a few hours sleep before the big day tomorrow. And then it happens. A power surge, and your hard disk is toast. You realize you don’t have a backup! You feel sick. You see your life flash before you. You know it’s the end to your hopes of getting that promotion and your bonus.

Have you ever been in a situation like that? With over 140,000 hard disk crashed reported every week in the US, there’s no telling how many PC users may suffer a similar fate. If only there was some tool for doing an automatic file backup!

“With today’s press release, we are extremely happy to announce that there is such a tool for automatic file backup. It’s called Cloud Bucks, and we are making today’s announcement to tell you more about this amazing product.”

Cloud Bucks is a PC data backup tool that can automatically backup your files onto the cloud. This means that even if there is a power surge at 3:00 AM that crashes your hard drive, you don’t have to worry. If you’ve set up Cloud Bucks correctly, you will have an almost current copy of your work backed up in the cloud. Simply log into your Cloud Bucks account from another computer, and restore the files that you want, and presto – you’re back in business!

With this stellar “Set it and forget it” data backup product, not only will you enjoy automatic file backup, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that your files are stored in a secure environment in the cloud, protected by crack-proof 128-bit military grade AES-256 encryption. Your personal and private information will remain private at all times in the cloud.

We have built Cloud Bucks as a simple, easy to use and extremely user friendly tool, so even users with limited computer skills can make the best of it. It runs on both Windows and Mac platforms, and supports Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Windows 7, Vista or XP and Windows Server 2003 or above, and works with a number of browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome , Firefox 2.0 or higher or Safari.

Today, the Cloud Bucks Top Team is pleased announce that all of this power is yours, absolutely FREE of cost for a full 15 days. And once you are satisfied that the tool is truly what we say it is, you get to keep it and use for a low monthly subscription rate of $5.00 per month. But wait – there’s much more to today’s announcement!

Our Team is unveiling an absolutely irresistible offer today. If you sign up FREE of cost to join an elite club of PC users and become a Cloud Bucks Affiliate, we are offering you an opportunity to earn unlimited monthly residual income. All you need to do is tell everyone you know or meet about this amazing backup data online tool, and encourage them to try it out for FREE. And once your contacts decide to use the tool permanently as their backup software of choice, you will start receiving monthly income from their subscriptions.

But wait – there’s much more to today’s announcement! If your contacts become Cloud Bucks Affiliates, and they spread the word about this awesome product, your monthly residual income stream will just keep multiplying. To find out what an amazing deal this is, simply use this calculator to work out how much money you can really make!

Don’t delay. Become a Cloud Bucks Affiliate today and start earning monthly residual income while automatically backing up your PC data.

Adrian Hayes
Cloud Bucks
Tel. +2 8005 6866

Cloud Bucks
P.O. Box 408
Sydney, Australia

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