Cloud Bucks has just launched an online backup technology that allows all computer owners and users a prime opportunity to backup their computer files and data within a couple clicks of a button.

Sydney, Australia, August 21, 2012 — / — In today’s busy technology-dominated world, both individuals and corporations have fast-paced agendas that hardly leave any time for doing many of the important tasks that they really should be focusing on. And that leaves plenty of room for serious consequences – like when a hard disk crashes or a PC is infected with a virus.

Today, the Cloud-bucks Top Team is pleased to introduce to you cloud computing services that will shield you from some of those consequences. Our unique cloud-based automated backup service allows personal and corporate computers to be automatically backed up to a secure cloud-based environment, leaving you immune from potential loss of precious data.

Data protection and backup is a 100 billion dollar industry, and grows exponentially each year. Today’s announcement is part of Cloud-bucks Top Team’s package of cloud computing services that will appeal to anyone that has lost valuable data because they didn’t have the time, or forgot to back it up. Cloud-bucks’s intelligent “Set it and Forget it” functionality will ensure that, once configured, you can get peace of mind knowing someone else is now responsible for protecting your data.

Cloud-bucks is a unique offering that works on both Windows and Mac platforms. Regardless of which OS you use – Mac OSX 10.6 or greater, Vista, XP, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003 – Cloud-bucks has you covered. We’ve even designed this powerful tool to support multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and FireFox. All of this forms part of the diversified cloud computing services that we are announcing through this press release.

But Cloud-bucks is much more than a remote cloud-based backup service. It is an extremely secure tool, protected by 128-bit military grade AES-256 standard encryption. This means that it will be extremely difficult for anyone to penetrate Cloud-bucks’s security in order to access your private and personal information in the Cloud. Most governments and corporations even can’t claim to have security that good! As such, Cloud-bucks makes a great addition to cloud-based corporate data backup, retrieval and archival strategies.

With today’s announcement, we are unveiling an open secret – that Cloud-bucks is packed with great features that many PC users will love. It is easy to download and install. Even novice PC users can set it up in under 2 minutes. You have the flexibility to backup or retrieve all folders, selected folders from your PC, all files within a folder, or selected files from selected folders. And users can set up backup schedules that make sense to them. Back up your folders every hour, once a week or every 12 hours. It’s that flexible.

Competing vendors may offer you cloud-based backup services that may look the same as Cloud-bucks, but no one offers more for so less as Cloud-bucks. You get ease of use, multiple platform support, unlimited storage, comprehensive encryption protection – all for a low monthly subscription of $5.00 per month. But that’s not the best part! You first get to test drive Cloud-bucks FREE for a full 15 days – and you don’t even need to provide a credit card to access that FREE offer. Simply go online and start your free trial offer with one click of your mouse.

For users that are looking to align with our revolutionary company, and cash in our vision for cloud computing services of the future, today we are pleased to make yet another announcement – the Cloud-bucks Affiliate program. If you are interested in making some residual income, check out our Affiliate Program offer. As a Cloud-bucks Affiliate, you don’t have to buy, stock or ship any inventory. Simply use your contacts to give away Cloud-bucks FREE, and watch your income grow. Check out our Bonus Calculator to see the potential this offer has for you.

Join us today and share in our success!

Adrian Hayes
Cloud Bucks
Tel. +2 8005 6866

Cloud Bucks
P.O. Box 408
Sydney, Australia

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