By Sajesh Krishnadas, Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies
September 07, 2012

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Why Should We Embrace BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend being created especially among business IT. The movement emerged first in the consumer market and later utilized by businesses after the mass acceptance of BYOD policy. In earlier days, it used to be the IT that drove the technology, but we see a dramatic shift in the IT culture where the users are exposed to most of the latest cutting edge technologies and want to bring their own devices to work. The global workforce itself is getting filled with tech-savvy wave of employees who are accustomed to the power of consumer Web 2.0 applications and the flexibility of sharing data at their convenience. The trend creates a blurring line between personal and corporate IT.

Some enterprises started embracing the inevitable BYOD programs because it offers various benefits and some of them include:
* Improved productivity
* Business IT capital cost savings
* Better work-life balance
* Social collaboration enablement
* Greater innovation


Though the BYOD policy is being embraced by many businesses, the IT is pushed to play the tough game when it comes to managing and securing all their business data. Employees would bring their own devices and use their favorite third-party cloud services to store and share files with others leaving IT to suffer the burden. The IT admins wonder about the influx of such personal devices in the market and worry about it.

The enterprises that promoted and encouraged employees to use their own devices at work have started to lock down those devices. For example, the enterprise software and consulting firm IBM disabled Siri in employees’ iPhones and also prohibited the use of Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. The obvious reason: security risks.

However, BYOD is already here and happening, so being behind the curve will put businesses at a competitive disadvantage. The only way is to choose the right solution for online file sharing and online file collaboration that will strike a perfect balance between the business user’s need for productivity & mobility and IT’s need for visibility & control. The solution needs to be appropriate, viable and effective to businesses, especially it needs to be bulletproof. That means:

* Robust administrative capabilities, including centralized controls
* Tighter and better security over data
* Dedicated support for business customers
* Better control and visibility over data
* Minimum latency

SyncBlaze meets all of the aforementioned business requirements, especially with SyncBlaze in place, BYOD can work for everyone without unfairly burdening IT when it comes to managing and sharing data. It is positioned to meet the needs of both the business users and IT staff to have a secure file storage solution to sync, share and collaborate on data. SyncBlaze makes it really easy for mobile file sharing with your team or external users using our sophisticated mobile solutions

Enterprise Strategy Group:
“Consumerization and mobility are driving a growing need for online file sharing and collaboration solutions. IT would be well served to get in front of this trend proactively rather than waiting to get dragged in once its users have made their own personal bets on preferred services.”

About the Author: Sajesh Krishnadas – Product Marketing – SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing, sync and collaboration solution aimed exclusively for MSPs and Resellers who would like to offer it as a value added service for their business customers. It enables business users to stay connected from anywhere & anytime, share effortlessly and work smarter to get things done.

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