By Ezra Brook
Sept 12, 2012

A few Cloud Strategies that have Worked!

Efficient businesses believe that the right business strategy is to get the right information to the right place at the right time. However, in the increasingly globalized world, place and time have dissolved their boundaries and every place is the right place and every time is the right time! The need to get information to any place, at any time, on any device is the order of the day. Cloud strategies have made all this possible! They have worked everywhere, every time!

Here are three examples:

Strategy I: Divorcing the data stores from computing devices
The cloud divorces data from the device. Granular permission assigning systems can be used to permit authorized users access information from any device provided they enter the right login information. For instance, Topping Out Inc. adopted the cloud because it took out “guesswork” for mobile users and permitted them to access information from their mobile devices. Worries over stolen devices or data breaches were made irrelevant as no data was stored on the device but on the remote server that could be accessed with the right login information from any device.

Strategy II: Standardization and management of backup and recovery systems
Data storage, management and recovery processes can be standardized across the enterprise and inter se partners, providing visibility of information to all authorized users. Kishmish, with seven offices and one corporate data center, 300 desktops/laptops and mobile users adopted the cloud for this reason. The company used a basic hybrid cloud configuration to kick start their cloud based systems and standardize their backup processes. As they became more comfortable with the interface, day to day operations became simpler and communication between offices routines that could be performed in minutes.

Strategy III: Leasing options that are Flexible, scalable and adaptable
The cloud has popularized the concept of utility computing. Enterprises can now lease hardware, software or platforms for computing and enjoy flexible, scalable and adaptable computing power. For instance, Lansing MI advised CPR—a division of Corporate Technologies LLC—in 2010 to use hybrid cloud services for scaling up their operations and getting adequate return on investment. Since the company was in the leasing business, it instantly appreciated the possibilities that opened up. They leased their equipment and computing power with a cloud service provider and scaled up their operations successfully and flexibly.

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