Leveraging on the technical expertise provided by NSIS Systems FailSafeSolutions is able to bring industry leading Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Assurance Services to home or large enterprise clients at affordable prices.

London, UK, September 19, 2012 — / — FailSafeSolutions is an industry leading Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Assurance plan solutions provider. FailSafeSolutions service offering for Cloud based Online Backup, Disaster Recover or Business Continuity plans caters for individuals, small business and enterprise corporate clients.

FailSafeSolutions DR Assurance Service for Virtual Machines (VM) is specifically designed for use with VMware ESX, ESI and VSphere. The Disaster Recovery Assurance Service allows the end user to easily configure a set of recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Disaster recovery tests can be executed without any human interaction.

The disaster recovery tests performed on the VM has no impact on the client’s production systems. The test can performed hourly, daily or weekly. FailSafeSolutions failover testing is industry leading as most DR Solutions at best gets tested quarterly but generally on an annual basis. The DR failover tests are coherent and dependency aware recovery policies. The VM are tested in a sandbox environment to ensure the VM is compliant.

FailSafeSolutions Disaster Recovery Assurance Service Plan creates certified recovery points that provide snapshots to cover against data corruptions, bad software upgrades or security patches, sabotage or other logical disasters unlike the traditional use of replication. The snapshots can be hourly or daily.

FailSafeSolutions Online Backup is a convenient form of backing up electronic data. Losing data is something that happens. Yes data loss is inevitable and it is going to affect everyone at some stage. Files can be lost in many ways, most of which are beyond your control.

The most common reasons for data loss are:
* Human Error
* Software Failures
* Viruses
* Natural Disasters

FailSafeSolutions Online Backup provides cost saving and is the number 1 reason for online backup as it is easier to set up and run than other options. No hardware purchase, maintenance or repair is need. No need to manage consumables like tape media rotation schedules.

Online backups can typically be configures for automatic backup schedules, increasing productive time for other tasks. Online Backup is simple and easy to manage. No requirement to arrange for storage of tape media, onsite or offsite. No need to worry about media degrading or becoming obsolete. Online backup programs can offer features not available in media based backups, such as data synchronizing.

All backup data is available online with an internet connection. The backup data is encrypted by the end users computer or server before sending and storing it online in a secure format ensuring a very high level of security. The online backup data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Online Line Backup service agents include granular restore of Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes giving the ability to restore individual items. FailSafeSolutions Online Line Backup has built in protection for servers and workstations.

FailSafeSolutions Disaster Recovery for VMware has been designed from the ground level up. The DR solution has built-in features that support small to enterprise cloud deployments.

FailSafeSolutions Reliable-DR has built-in support for complex business applications. The disaster recovery service enables companies to ensure Recover Time Objectives (RTO) is achieved within an agreed Services Level Agreement (SLA). This is done through the use of set policy rules, with service measuring ensuring compliance.

Any compliance deviations are reported through the client dashboard and by an email. Fully Automated Non-Disruptive Disaster Recovery Testing! End users is able to choose their own level of Continuous DR testing (hourly, daily, and weekly).End users have the ability to fail-over the disaster recovery systems at the push of a button.

The Disaster Recovery Solution has a Zero foot print in the production site. Application Aware Disaster Recovery Vertical integrated disaster recovery of each component involved in disaster recovery service delivery. This includes storage and applications.

Flexible Disaster Recovery that supports all Microsoft Windows and Linux x86 based applications. Highly scalable Disaster Recovery with built-in support for array-based replication and snapshots. The solution includes software based disaster recovery replication. FailSafeSolutions supports direct connection from private networks to the public cloud disaster recovery center.

For more details about FailSafeSolutions, please contact them here:

Stephan Buys
0843 532 7389

3rd Floor
405 Strand
United Kingdom

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