Nir Zahavi, Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD
October 26, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Overcoming Four Common Cloud Challenges

While online data backup and cloud computing continue to increase in popularity around the world, there are still some businesses that are hesitant to become part of this revolution in IT methodology.  Unfortunately, one of the main reasons that some companies still refuse to take advantage of what online data backup has to offer is that they have heard of certain common cloud hang-ups that can sometimes hamper the cloud backup process.  While these obstacles can often be quite real, many potential cloud users are not yet aware of how easily they can be circumvented.  So, bearing this in mind, here are four common cloud challenges and how to overcome them.

1. Lengthy Initial Backup Times
When first signing up with a cloud vendor, it is necessary to perform a backup of all of the data that exists on the client’s system.  Now, while this indeed can often take some time (especially for businesses that store massive amounts of data), faster Internet speeds are thankfully making this less and less of a problem.  Also, many cloud vendors are now offering the option of sending in larger data sets on USB hard drives, which allows the initial backup process to obviously transpire even quicker.  In addition to all of this, it is important to keep in mind that while the initial backup process can be somewhat lengthy, throttled bandwidth usage, which is now automatically implemented by many cloud vendors’ client-side software, makes it so that the impact on system performance during this initial backup period is now quite often virtually unnoticeable to the user.

2. Data Security Issues
Since online data backup involves the sending of one’s digital information over the Internet, some companies are still afraid that it might lead to a breach of data security in the process.  For this reason, it is important to choose a cloud vendor that is armed with all of the cutting edge cloud security tools necessary to guarantee that your business data can only be accessed by the people in your organization and no one else.  For instance, no cloud vendor should ever be considered a possible candidate if they don’t apply data encryption to all of their clients’ files before they are transferred online to be backed up.  And, depending on the sensitivity of the data being backed up, some cloud vendors are now offering the option of client-side data encryption keys, which make it impossible for even the highest level employee within the cloud vendor’s organization to ever decrypt and gain access to any of the files that are being backed up on their servers.

3. Fly-by-night Cloud Vendors
Along with the aforementioned increase in the popularity of cloud backup services has also come a huge influx in the number of cloud vendors themselves.  While this does speak favorably to how desirable cloud services are becoming, it also means that there now exists a whole host of “fly-by-night” cloud vendors that are relatively new to the market.  Unfortunately, many of these companies are simply looking to take advantage of this increase in the popularity of cloud backup without actually offering high quality cloud services at all.  For this reason, it is imperative to conduct at least a small amount of research about any cloud vendor that you are considering signing up with.  This way, you can gain some idea as to what their background is, the “word on the street” about the quality and integrity of the cloud services that they provide, and whether or not they seem to be in the cloud industry for the long haul.

4. Bandwidth Issues
Finally, another common concern that people have about backing up online is that they fear the impact that it will have on the performance of their business’s in-house IT systems.  Luckily, the combination of faster Internet speeds and advancements in cloud backup technology is making this problem less and less prevalent for cloud users.  One main way in which bandwidths are being spared is through the utilization of incremental backups, in which only small parts of files need to be backed up online at a given time.  This allows bandwidth usage to easily be kept to a minimum.  And, while all companies have some limitation on the amount of Internet bandwidth that they have at their disposal, state of the art backup software now often automatically assesses the best time to perform backups so as to have the smallest possible impact on the performance of clients’ in-house IT systems.

Overall, the most effective way that you can overcome all of the hurdles and challenges that exist in the cloud is to choose a quality cloud vendor that has the experience, tools and expertise that will allow them to have all of these “challenges” already overcome for you as soon as you sign up for their services!  We here at KineticD are proud to be one of the few online backup service providers in business today that can boast a 100% data recovery track record, which means that we’ve never lost a client’s file in the over 10 years that we’ve been in business.  We’ve managed to maintain this spotless recovery record by always making it our top priority to offer the most advanced cloud tools available on the market today.  Our patented Continuous Backup technology and our uncrackable, Bank Grade 448-bit Blowfish data encryption are just a few of the cutting edge cloud tools that we supply for our 60,000+ business users every day.  So, if you are looking for a cloud vendor that knows all too well how to overcome the common hurdles that can sometimes get between you and cloud, look no further than KineticD!

About the author: Nir Zahavi is Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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