By Vidhya Natarajan, Senior Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies
October 26, 2012

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Backup Anything, Anytime from any Server–StoreGrid’s Dynamic Backup Options for Servers

Among the cloud backup services that have been talked about and repeatedly reviewed for the range of cloud backup services is Vembu’s StoreGrid. You name a cloud backup requirement and Vembu seems to have something for you. Interestingly, it is an evolving software that seems to keep pace with the changing needs of its customers. All limitations are identified, bugs are reported and efforts are made to rectify, correct and dish up the best that is possible.

Vembu’s StoreGrid 4.2.1 supports a range of servers, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, PostgreSQL Server, CPanel Server, and Oracle Server. Exchange clusters are also supported. Virtual Servers running VMWare and HyperV are included in the list.

Disk Image Backups use StoreGrid’s block tracker to track block level changes and make point in time incremental backups of the image as VHD files. RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager) is supported by the software for hot backups of the Oracle database. Outlook backups are seeded, incremented and stored as separate PST files for ease of restore. cPanel Server backups supports backup of accounts and domains. The entire home directory with MSQL database, Email forwarder settings, Email filter settings, domains and user settings can be included in the backup. CRC integrity check for backup data is automatic in Vembu’s StoreGrid.

Such server supports are provided via plugins by Vembu. The plugins come packed with the product and can be included or excluded according to the needs of the customer. For instance, Microsoft Exchange Server Plugin is used for providing support for Microsoft Exchange Server backup. The plugin uses VSS API (Volume Shadow Copy Services) for backup of Exchange Server 2010 & above and ESE API for the versions that came before Exchange 2010.

Custom plugins can also be created which will be useful to Administrators who want to run commands before or after a backup has been completed. For instance, the Administrator may want the plugin to interface with a particular application to create a backup set for backup from among the files and folders belonging to the application. All that an Admin needs to do is create an xml file under the Plugins directory and select it from the list under Add Backup Schedule.

Backup options available with the software include full, partial and full synthetic backups. Backups can be scheduled for automatic or manual start and backup windows can be defined. Backups can be suspended, paused, resumed or deleted. Backup schedules can be added, edited, imported, exported or deleted. Interestingly, a local dump of the data is created on the server concerned, before data is backed up to the cloud backup service. The local files are deleted once the cloud backup is complete.

Vembu is CIO-dream server backup software and is being used by more than 3,500 partners, who in turn having thousands of end users.

About the Author: Vidhya Natarajan is a Senior Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies, a leader in providing cost effective, hybrid (on-premise and cloud) data protection and business focused online backup and disaster recovery solutions for ISPs, MSPs, VARs, Managed Hosting Providers and Educational Institutions. Vembu’s flagship product, StoreGrid, an award winning cloud solution has delivered tangible value to over 3,500 partners worldwide.

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