LOCHRISTI, Belgium, Oct 30, 2012 — / — Amplidata announced that leading Dutch service provider McCloud has launched a new cloud storage service to its end user customers based on Amplidata’s scale out storage platform AmpliStor. The Offering provides a cost-effective solution for backup, archiving and file sharing at both SMB and enterprise organisations.

With a fast-growing customer base placing demands on its storage infrastructure, the McCloud IT team found it was spending more time on management tasks and data migration procedures, while straining to scale upward to meet increased demand. In particular, growth in unstructured data such as videos, images, documents and more, was pushing storage volumes into the petabyte range and threatening to undermine service levels. This called for a new and highly scalable, durable storage solution that was designed to handle this level of capacity.

Now, with the exceptional throughput delivered by the AmpliStor system, McCloud users can upload and manage data in real time. AmpliStor greatly reduces the storage overhead and dramatically increases power efficiency. In addition, by deploying the Amplistor Geo-Spread feature, McCloud was able to distribute user data over multiple data centers in order to avoid data unavailability should any one data center suffer from an outage.

With AmpliStor’s BitSpread, the company’s patent-pending erasure coding technology, McCloud’s files are stored with ultra high-durability, reducing the chance of data loss to less than one in 15-9s – that’s 99.9999999999999% data durability, the highest on the market.

The product’s erasure coding approach and exceptional performance and throughput gave AmpliStor the edge with McCloud.

“AmpliStor’s scalability is vital to us as a business and to our customers, and that’s what sold us on Amplidata,” said Ron Kooi, founder of McCloud. “The solution we’ve built is stress-free. AmpliStor allowed us to start out with a system that meets out needs today, and grow it as our service became more successful. Scaling AmpliStor is as simple as adding more nodes to the system, one by one. Data can now be restored even in the event of an entire data center being down.

“We’re highly impressed with the support we received from Amplidata,” Kooi continued. “Our staff spends very little time managing the solution. This allowed us to devote more time supporting our customers, which is our #1 priority.”

Tom Leyden, director of alliances and marketing at Amplidata, said “Very few companies are ready for the explosion of digital data that we are witnessing today. Storing petabytes of unstructured data with traditional storage is simple not a viable solution long-term. Such infrastructure requires too much overhead, consumes too much power and soon becomes a management nightmare. Amplidata helped the McCloud team avoid the Big Data deluge by building a sustainable, scalable storage infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of other systems. We allowed the company to focus on providing a great service for its users, and as a result they have seen a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction. That is critical for any business.”

About Amplidata
Founded in 2008, Amplidata provides AmpliStor® optimized object storage solutions for Big Unstructured Data. Its patent-pending BitSpread® erasure coding technology provides the highest storage reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost -scaling beyond petabytes and requiring 50-70% less storage capacity to protect data compared to traditional solutions.

Amplidata Press Release
The Amplidata team consists of storage experts behind the success of DataCenter Technologies, Dedigate and Q-layer. Named a “Cool Storage Company” in 2012, Amplidata is privately funded by Intel Capital, Quantum, Swisscom Ventures, Endeavour Vision and Hummingbird Ventures. Operational headquarters are in Lochristi, Belgium with US headquarters in Redwood City and sales and support worldwide.

AmpliStor is a registered trademark of Amplidata. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Tom Leyden
+32 473 92 22 11

Federica Monsone
Amplidata European PR Representative
A3 Communications
+44 (0) 1252 875 203

Mary Kae Marinac
Amplidata US PR Representative

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