Nov 07, 2012 — / — Arq is a trustworthy backup app for your Mac. It backs up your critical files to your own Amazon Web Services account, so you keep control. Your data are encrypted before they leave your computer with a password only you know, so it’s secure.

Stefan Reitshamer, CEO:
“If you don’t have control over your data and your encryption keys, it doesn’t really feel like backup, at least to me. That’s why I built Arq instead of using one of the “unlimited” offerings like Mozy, Backblaze, Carbonite, Crashplan, etc.”

Arq has proven very popular among folks who want a reliable backup and who want to keep control of their data, both independent folks and corporate employees. For example, everyone at GitHub Inc is using Arq.

The only issue for folks with lots of data was S3 costs. When Glacier was announced (with 1/12 the storage cost), I received hundreds of emails and tweets asking for Glacier support in Arq. I’m really excited about the low cost of Glacier, and I think others will be too!

Product page with 30-second video:

Screen shots here:

More features:
- very easy to set up and use
- very low resource usage
- proven reliability — it ‘just works’
- mature: development started in mid-2008; started shipping 1.0 in February 2010
- backs up and faithfully restores all the special metadata of Mac files that other products don’t
- no limits, unlike other backup offerings: it backs up files of any size, external drives, and network drives
- very cheap cloud backup: $.01/GB per month equals only $1/month for 100GB, $5/month for 500GB
- no vendor lock-in: open data format and open-source restore tool
- very responsive customer support; ship timely updates and bug fixes

Arq is $29 per computer, one-time license fee. Amazon bills you monthly according to how much storage you use.

Abour Arq:

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