By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions
November 13, 2012

SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing Trends – Consumerisation of IT

There seems to be a fairly universal consensus that IT Consumerisation is the most important trend today. The proliferation of hand held devices has produced an overwhelming demand for data mobility, underscoring the organisation’s felt need for greater control over how, where and when and by whom data can be accessed over mobile devices. It is clear that data consumers (often non IT executives) are driving the information market within and outside of the enterprise and data owners must make some radical decisions about data control and distribution. The situation is fast approaching criticality as cloud applications are readily available for download and can be provisioned by the novice and the expert with equal ease. Fear of Consumerisation and hand-wringing, protective reactions about data distribution cannot and will not stem the tide of change.

The game has changed. VPNs, FTP servers and traditional collaboration services are no longer attractive. They are labeled slow, insecure, cumbersome and restrictive. Data sharing must be powerful, fast, easy to use and absolutely uncluttered with technical “suavity” requirements. Data delivery must create a positive experience even as the user brings in newer devices, services and applications into the corporate IT scene.

A more proactive approach to the ‘fact’ of Consumerisation will be founded on an acknowledgement of the trend and an understanding that it is better to strategise IT around it. The cloud has erased boundaries and extended the organisation across geographical borders. Organisations must move towards mobile computing if it must maintain its competitive advantage in an increasingly global market. Consumerisation of IT is a natural outcome of the cloud and an important determinant of business growth.

Instantaneous 24×7 Data accessibility gives the mobile workforce unmatched flexibility. Sharing and collaboration on organisation data from anywhere, anytime and from any device improves the employee’s ability to dip into enterprise knowledge bases for additional inputs whenever required, interact with suppliers and other stakeholders meaningfully, strengthen customer relationships, and tap new markets to expand the reach of the organisation. The benefits include better and more effective decision making, better alignment between different wings of the organisation, increased innovation, enterprise agility, greater market visibility, and increased productivity.

Cloud based collaboration and file sharing can be made very effective if the enterprise policy accommodates Consumerisation of IT and select the right kind of service provider who permits administrators input the necessary “rules” for it in their software. Enterprise policy can implement robust administrative controls such as role based access, data encryption, user activity log generation etc., integrate mobile communication with enterprise applications with ease, and provide dedicated support for its mobile employees.

About the Author: Lorcan Cunningham is a Managing Director at SaveNet Solutions, an Asigra powered cloud online data backup and disaster recovery company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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