By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
November 19, 2012

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Disastrous Consequences of Data Loss for Business (and How to Avoid Them)

With our increased reliance on digital information in so many aspects of our lives, the consequences of data loss have become much greater than ever before, and nowhere is this danger so important to avoid than in the world of business.  Indeed, for most modern companies, data is an extremely critical corporate asset that must be protected by any means necessary.  In fact, many contemporary companies are finding themselves in the position of being almost totally reliant on their digital information in order to stay in business in the first place.  However, regardless of the fact that more and more organizations are becoming aware of the dangers of data loss, each year considerable numbers of businesses continue to be negatively affected by this devastating, yet avoidable, phenomenon.

So, just what are the dangers of data loss for businesses?

Well, the number of potential consequences that can result due to data loss for business organizations is unfortunately quite considerable.  The first one worth mentioning would be the damaging effects that can come about for businesses if customer-related information is lost.  Lists of potential sales leads, for example, are extremely important to the future of a business, and thus the compromisation of this type of information can easily detract from the potential of future sales.  Furthermore, data loss can often cause a lack of important information needed to maximize customer service and follow-up marketing efforts for a given organization.  And, it is also important to remember that customers of contemporary businesses have come to more or less expect that any organization that they deal with will have their full account history and information at the ready at all times, so any business that demonstrates an inability to supply this sort of service may not ever again be trusted by said customers as being fully competent.

Of course, when it comes to running a business, planning for the future is key.  After all, a business does not just grow and thrive through sheer hard work alone; solid planning must be implemented in order to ensure that a growing business stays on track.  This is achieved through the formulation of heavily contemplated and thoroughly researched long-term goals.  For this reason, from the most comprehensive and complex spreadsheets of projected fiscal benchmarks to the simplest and most rudimentary of employee to-do lists, the creation and preservation of digital media involving a business’s plans for the future are vital for any developing company.  Businesses that do not take proactive measures to protect these sorts of assets can unfortunately find themselves back at square one when it comes to the development of their organization.

Along with preserving a company’s plans for the future, it must be remembered that much of the important history of a modern business is also usually now stored in the form of digital files.  Nowadays, businesses are able to easily save vast amounts of complex data about the ins and outs of their organization’s doings over long periods of time.  This information can be immensely helpful at allowing companies to assess what has worked for them in the past, and can often thus prove an extremely beneficial asset to organizations when it comes to planning for their future.  By storing records of how the business got started all the way to its present-day stats and information, an organization can truly gain advanced insight into what its next steps should be.  However, if data loss does occur, the company affected may find itself struggling to gain any in-depth perspective on its history without the aid of this information.

The bottom line about data loss for business is that it can often lead to dangerous wastes of time, money and other resources that will in turn bog down the functioning of a company, potentially putting it out of business completely.  As mentioned before, more and more companies are increasingly relying on digital information, and so for these organizations massive data loss can mean essentially having to start over as a business from scratch.  However, luckily there is a solution! Online data backup is by far the most effective and easy method of ensuring that your business will never have to suffer the dangerous effects of data loss.  In the event of any type of catastrophic data loss disaster, cloud backup allows businesses the ability to quickly retrieve their lost data and be back up and running as soon as possible.  In this way, online data backup and virtualized, SaaS cloud IT are able to solidly protect the future of business when it comes to avoiding data loss disasters.

Modern day cloud vendors provide reliable, offsite data storage to businesses of all sizes that serves not only to preserve the existence of said data, but also increases its usefulness as well.   This comes about due to the advanced levels of mobile data accessibility that is so often automatically cultivated through the use of cloud data storage.  By keeping a protective backup cache in the cloud, members of an organization can use special software tools provided by cloud vendors to access their files from any location that has a secure connection to the Internet.  And, whereas in the past there were often prohibitory limits to how much data could be stored on the servers of cloud vendors, cheaper storage costs and advanced data compression technologies have allowed an increasing number of online backup service providers to thankfully lift these restrictions, with many of them now offering unlimited data storage to their clients.

Whether data loss occurs due to natural disaster, a computer virus or just plain human error, online data backup and cloud computing allows businesses to retrieve all of their lost files as quickly as possible, no matter what the nature of the data loss incident.  New advanced levels of data encryption allow businesses to know that their cloud files will never fall into the wrong hands, and scalable, utility-based pricing structures are now allowing businesses of all sizes to take advantage of what cloud backup has to offer.  Of course, having been in the online data backup and cloud computing business for over 10 years now, we here at KineticD thoroughly understand the crucial nature of the services that we provide to our over 60,000 business users every day.  And, while there are now many cloud vendors out there to choose from, we pride ourselves on being one of the only ones on the market today to be able to boast a 100% data recovery track record.  However, don’t just take our word for it; visit our website today to try our free 14-day trial and to find out for yourself how KineticD can make sure that your business always remains free from the disastrous consequences of data loss.

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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