By Vidhya Natarajan, Senior Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies
November 23, 2012

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: What you Backup, you can Restore – StoreGrid Lives up to its Promise

The purpose of data backup is to ensure that your files are available to you when you want to restore them on the same or different machine. StoreGrid lives up to its promise and simplifies the process of restoring what you backup – be it files and folders backup, disk image backup, application data, like exchange and mailbox backup, databases like MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL or Hyper-V backup, VMWare backup in virtual environments. The novice is not constrained by technicalities of data restoration and the IT administrator is not pressured by the demands of the employees for file or folder restoration or paralyzed by disaster involving large scale restores.

StoreGrid restore operations can be scheduled to kick start sequentially or simultaneously.More than one backup restoration can be started in parallel by merely navigating to the StoreGrid Web Console>>Restore and identifying the backups to be restored. All completed backups are listed by backup set name and identified by the name of the backup server. The backup version for restore is later selected from the tree view. Each parent node represents a full backup (with time stamp); and the last incremental backup (with time stamp) is indicated as a child node. The restore operation can be made more granular by drilling down in the child node and selecting the specific file or folder to restore.

A number of filtering and search operations can be used to aid you in identifying the files and folders for restore. Users can enter wildcards in the text field with the file extension to summon up files and folders that match the search parameters. Specific names of files and folders or complete path to the file or folder can be input to zone in on the file or folder for restore. However, if the files and folders are password protected, users must enter the user id and password for authentication and authorization by the system.

The restore destination will also have to be input. The restoration location can be the original location or an alternate location. Deleted files can also be restored or skipped. Users can select appropriate radio buttons to skip deleted files or restore only deleted files or to include both deleted and existing files in the restore operation.

Advanced restoration options can be used to specify whether the original file names need to be retained and existing files overwritten or new file names should be created for the restored files if the files exist in the restoration location. If the latter option (default option) is selected, all new names will have the .SG extension.

The status of the restore operation can be viewed on clicking Restore. Restoration covers reports on completed / cancelled / suspended restore operations.

About the Author: Vidhya Natarajan is a Senior Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies, a leader in providing cost effective, hybrid (on-premise and cloud) data protection and business focused online backup and disaster recovery solutions for ISPs, MSPs, VARs, Managed Hosting Providers and Educational Institutions. Vembu’s flagship product, StoreGrid, an award winning cloud solution has delivered tangible value to over 3,500 partners worldwide.

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