By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions
December 3, 2012

SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing Trends – Scale out Networking

“Scale out” networking is a term that is being used more frequently today in the cloud computing and IT infrastructure management world. What does it really mean though?

“Scale out” Networking is a term that describes the process of acquiring greater processing power over a network. Instead of buying high speed servers for the data centre, IT Managers are acquiring “scale out” computing power from service providers, who have massive computing infrastructures in place and are willing to add capacity to your storage performance from within their data centres at a small additional cost to the consumer.

Since this type of scale out network comes with the flexibility to pay as you grow, IT managers need no longer spend their valuable time negotiating purchase agreements or waiting for approvals to their proposals on capital investment. The “scale out” requirement is treated as a revenue item in the budget and approvals are routine. There are no time and energy overheads; and IT managers are free to focus their attention on productive tasks.

As hardware is abstracted to the service provider in cloud backup and recovery services, the IT Administrator has only software based administrative tasks to handle. The “scale out” requirements are merely requisitioned from the appropriate graphical user interface on a centralized management console. They have to merely plug in the redundant connections from the server to the virtual switch so that the individual elements function in coordination and the traffic is rebalanced efficiently and effectively.

Scale out networking is the future of cloud computing. More and more organizations are turning to the cloud for network and storage infrastructures. Server virtualization has reduced the number of physical servers that are being deployed and connections per rack are increasing with virtualization. Storage and network consolidation along with bandwidth increase per port is being favored by network managers. Cost pressures in data centres are driving more and more IT managers to cloud computing and buying IT in small chunks in the cloud is seen as the way to go.

Scale out networking seems to be the logical choice for the burgeoning, growing global business that is budget strapped and data inundated. It has been tested and proven by organizations of all sizes, especially, mid size organizations that experience erratic patterns of growth. Scale out storage / networking makes storage and infrastructure planning simpler, more flexible and dynamic. The organization becomes agile and capable of quickly and effectively adapting to changing environments and markets.

SaveNet Solutions, powered by Asigra is an Irish cloud backup and disaster recovery company. SaveNet’s solution is specifically designed for Mid-sized to Enterprise organizations. SaveNet offers numerous value-added solutions, coupled with industry leading features, such as: – agentless technology, FIPS 140-2 certification, deduplication, and more.

About the Author: Lorcan Cunningham is a Managing Director at SaveNet Solutions, an Asigra powered cloud online data backup and disaster recovery company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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