By Sajesh Krishnadas, Associate, Product Management at Vembu Technologies
December 07, 2012

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Dropbox for Businesses

Dropbox, one of the popular file synchronization services,  has exploded over the past few years, which is compelling for consumers. With ramification of management and the new data protection, these consumer services are definitely unsettling for businesses. We observed that businesses are in the lookout for a similar solution that is tailored to fit their needs with tight security and better monitoring capabilities as they are dealing with sensitive information. It’s even more worrisome for the IT when it comes to data storage in the cloud or using such consumer services in workspace, it certainly sends trembles down your spine.

With the understanding of the market, we, at Vembu, see that the file sharing segment has already been packed with many players who are fighting hard to be nominated for ‘Dropbox for Businesses’. The real concern is about what has to be offered to businesses when competing for the real game. Let’s take a look at some major consideration.

Administration and Monitoring Capabilities
When businesses were on their internal infrastructure, monitoring was a breeze. With the evolution of cloud and mobile devices, the IT struggles to know when, where and by whom files are being accessed. SyncBlaze provides IT admins with sufficient level of visibility and control over users and their data.

With the latest integration with Active Directory based LDAP, SyncBlaze becomes the perfect choice for businesses and especially for their IT. The IT can import all their users’ & groups’ data along with authentication from their existing directory service leaving the hassle to add users manually and managing them. With the tight integration enabled, any user being added/deleted  in your directory will be automatically synced to your SyncBlaze account.

Data Storage and Encryption Standards
With SyncBlaze, businesses can exercise their choice for data storage in their own environment or on the cloud depending upon the expected level of control over their data. Dropbox relies completely on Amazon for data storage across multiple data centers and the encryption occurs only after the files are uploaded. Such limitations create a verge among businesses and make them look for better alternatives.

SyncBlaze, on the other hand, offers seamless client-side encryption of files, that is, files are encrypted before they are even sent to the server. The files are also being transferred via HTTPS secure protocol.

Mobile Management
Dropbox has been popular in the consumer space for the right reasons: ease of use and simplicity which is definitely a double-edged sword in the business world, especially to the IT. With the evolution of mobile and BYOD, the IT seems to struggle with various security issues. We have also seen certain organizations completely stop the BYOD policy which in turn creates verge among the employees. SyncBlaze helps the IT to manage their users and data effectively by providing the right level of control. The business users are offered with the native Android and iOS apps which is amazingly simple to use and user friendly. We are also working on bringing in the feature of data wipe which will allow the admin or the user to remotely wipe their corporate data when the device is lost or stolen.

Final Word
The consumer space is crowded with many products, but the needs for business definitely differs. In short, SyncBlaze is the right solution that is user-friendly & easy to use for end users; and a secure & scalable solution for the IT admin.

About the Author: Sajesh Krishnadas – Product Management – SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing, sync and collaboration solution aimed exclusively for MSPs and Resellers who would like to offer it as a value added service for their business customers. It enables business users to stay connected from anywhere & anytime, share effortlessly and work smarter to get things done.

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