By Jeff Cato, VP of Sales at CoreVault
December 19, 2012

CoreVault Online Data Backup Expert Tips: What to Look for in a Cloud Backup Company

Cloud backup services are outsourced data management services offered over the Internet with a unique selling proposition. The cloud helps customer’s free internal IT resources from the burden of backup and storage activities while increasing cost savings. The customer connects to a remote server in a third party data center for storage and wide area networking, and uses all internal hardware resources for activities other than storage/collaboration and communication. The implication is that storage servers, application services and communication services can be implemented on external IT resources using pre-developed web browser based software that is platform independent and application aware.

Yet these services come at a price. There is a number of privacy and security risks attached. These must be understood, recognized, and addressed after deciding on what kind of cloud deployment will be suited to your organization.

  1. Public cloud deployments bring in economies of scale but server resources are shared by multiple users and security implementations are done at the software level. Security is implemented with software level user management protocols and encryption of information in transit and at rest.
  2. Private clouds offer a range of key capabilities with facilities to replicate critical security and privacy requirements and implement data segregation between client machines even within a customer organization. Storage hardware is isolated from other external users and software level user management protocols and cryptographic algorithms are used to ensure higher levels of security.
  3. Hybrid cloud deployments can be public/private mixes or private/on premise mixes. In public/private mix deployments mission critical data may be stored in private clouds and less mission critical data may be stored in public cloud deployments. Private /on premise mixes implement private clouds for all kinds of data and replicates the same on local servers for instant disaster recovery at LAN speeds form local servers.

Well tested and proven cloud backup service deployments use standard protocols for data encryption, deduplication and compression. It is important to know whether the cryptographic algorithm is FIPS 140-2 certified and whether existing users of the product are satisfied that the deduplication and compression algorithms do not corrupt the data in transit or at rest.

Pluses to the cloud backup service would be on-demand scalability, high availability, virtualization, versioning controls, collaboration and sharing facilitation, process standardizations, meaningful integrations and proactive research and development. Excellence in support services must be a given.

If your business wants to learn more on why businesses are embracing cloud backup, then download our latest whitepaper today. You can also reach out to one of our cloud experts to discuss how we can help improve the protection of your data.

About the Author: Jeff Cato is V.P. of Sales at CoreVault, an online data backup and cloud based data storage company located in Oklahoma.


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