By Sajesh Krishnadas, Associate, Product Management at Vembu Technologies
December 21, 2012

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Business Class File Sharing with Cloud Storage

Collaboration and integration are axiomatic to good business today. Hierarchies are vanishing and flatter organizations demand greater interaction, sharing of files and information. Organizational survival demands the institution of tools and technologies that facilitate and promote this collaboration, interaction and sharing. The connectivity and integration provided by cloud solution has resulted in the development and deployment of a number of collaboration tools that are business class. 

Employees, in the normal course of business need to share files and information with each other. In the absence of collaboration tools within the Information management system, they tend to use third party communication tools, which remain beyond the purview of the IT administration, such as consumer focused Web mail, personal USB drives, Smart Phones or file sharing services that are available over the Internet. The ubiquity of the web browser and ease of use from anywhere, anytime and from any device further encourages reliance on these tools.

Organizations that refuse to acknowledge this trend will be faced with very serious problems:
1)  Potential for data breaches are greater. Corporate IT content is at risk as digital assets are being sent over the Internet (with or without encryption) using third party tools over which the IT department has no control.

2)  Legal mandates on information security can be and are violated with impunity.

3)  Digital records are harder to find as some of them may have been created and shared over the Internet without being copied to the central data repository of the organization.

It follows that organizations need a system that will enable and facilitate storage, sharing and collaboration with the stored information from within the organization. This requirement is being rapidly filled in by File Sharing Service Providers who are compliance and security conscious.

The key takeaways for file sharing and collaboration systems are:
1)  All data is centrally stored in the cloud server and managed by the IT Administrator who remains in control. IT can control file sharing by specifying organization policies and ensuring that the organization’s compliance obligations are satisfied.

2)  The cloud can be yoked to or comes with a file sharing and collaboration application that allows employees to send files and messages from within the organization using organization-sanctioned tools. Users need not change the way they work, but the way they work can be integrated with the cloud storage interface.

3)  File sharing systems can provide full audit trail and archival of all transfers for ease of discovery and compliance to regulatory mandates.

About the Author: SajeshKrishnadas – Product Management – SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing, sync and collaboration solution aimed exclusively for MSPs and Resellers who would like to offer it as a value added service for their business customers. It enables business users to stay connected from anywhere & anytime, share effortlessly and work smarter to get things done.

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