By Jeff Cato, VP of Sales at CoreVault
January 28, 2013

CoreVault Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Trashing the Tape – Cloud Backup vs. Tape Backup

The digital economy demands high speed data management solutions. More and more services are being realized in the network and the Internet is playing an increasing role in the integration of existing architectures with new architectures. Data transmission—instantly and efficiently over the Internet to an offsite location—is being hailed as the key disaster recovery solution.

Does this mean that traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions built around the tape must be shelved and die a natural death? A closer look at the scenario will show you that IT infrastructure deployments have circled back to their origins. LAN disaster recovery is being reconsidered. Local, on premise backups –of course using cloud backup software—is being promoted by the very cloud backup companies that sought to direct data away from the local to the remote. So, tape backups may find their niche again in this scenario. The tape may be integrated with cloud backup.

The tape versus the cloud argument, however, has still some validity:
1. Tape backup is a labor intensive activity compared to automated cloud backup and involves physical media, which can develop glitches:
a) Tapes have to be loaded, monitored and unloaded, and
b) Tapes have to be transported offsite.

2. Network data recovery processes are also more convenient than tape based data recovery processes:
a) Tapes have to be transported from storage to the data center,
b) Tapes have to be loaded, monitored and unloaded,
c) Physical media can develop glitches, and
d) Identification of the right data and switching on to the right application layer requires huge manual efforts with tape.

3. Tape based backup software remains largely proprietary and is not platform independent. No bare metal recovery is possible as it is in the cloud.

4. On-demand scalability and high availability are not features that are available to tape backup processes, unlike cloud backups.

Cloud backup services are ideally suited for modern day enterprises, which spew out huge volumes of mission critical information and demand access to available information from any where in the world and at any time. But, organizations are once more recognizing that cloud backups (current data) coupled with tape backups (historical data) can give them the best of both worlds. Cloud backup companies are rapidly integrating tape backup systems into their overall backup and recovery strategy for the enterprise.

The argument of the future may be cloud and tape and not cloud versus tape.

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About the Author: Jeff Cato is V.P. of Sales at CoreVault, an online data backup and cloud based data storage company located in Oklahoma.


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