By Susan Dixon, Marketing Director, Savenet Solutions
February 11, 2013

SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: How to Choose an Online Backup Provider for your SMB

In today’s increasingly technological world, most, if not all of your important documents and financial records are kept on computer. The days of seeing businesses with rooms full of filing cabinets, while not completely gone, are no longer as prevalent as they once were.

A true litmus test of the standardisation of computer storage as the main type of data storage, is the penetration of the consumer market. It isn’t just students who use their computer’s storage abilities that are in need of online backup, households around the world keep all their financial information on their computer now. Consumer focused online backup services are flourishing. But they often don’t meet the requirements of an SMB.

With so much sensitive data on your businesses computers, whether here or on servers across the world, appropriate online backup should be put in places  by the corporate world and the individual to guarantee their documents are safe, secure, and guarded against threat.

When searching for the right online backup, here are some things to look for:

  • Space: Obviously ensuring you have enough space for your data is vital. Most Online backup providers provide on a perGB basis and while this seems to be a simple comparison, often other factors mean you are not comparing the same products. Is the data de-duplicated? In other words, does it backup multiple copies of the same document? Is the data compressed? Are you being charged for compressed or uncompressed data. De-duplication & Compression will make a big difference in costs once the service is up and running. Lastly, you need to consider the restore record of the company and how easily they can restore your data. If you need all of your data back due to a major failure, can they send it out to you on an encrypted hard drive or is your only option to restore from the Internet.
  • Data Centre location: Moving data across borders may have legal implications regarding privacy and other data protection legislation. Having data stored in-country can avoid these issues, it can also be easier to get data back in the event of total data loss.
  • Encryption: Both in the data centre and during transmission encryption to very high levels is vital to any businesses data security
  • Autonomic healing: When errors are found in data this feature checks against originals and ensures backups are of good quality.
  • Agent or Agentless: Do you have to install software on every computer for the online backup to work? Does this put a strain on your IT resources
  • Ease of Use: You will want a system that is easy to use, for obvious reasons.
  • Technical Support: What kinds of technical support is available? Are they reasonable times? Will it cost extra?

When considering any Online Backup or Cloud Storage company service record, reputation in the market are things that should be checked across the board.

Selecting your online backup provider shouldn’t be a huge issue. Follow our guide and ensure that you get the best quality and service possible for your business.

Constant testing at regular intervals not only of the backup facility but also of the restorability of your online backup are vital. If you already have an online backup service then testing it’s real ability to restore your data is vital. Test today.

SaveNet Solutions, powered by Asigra, is an Irish cloud backup and disaster recovery company. SaveNet’s solution is specifically designed for Mid-sized to Enterprise organizations. SaveNet offers numerous value-added solutions, coupled with industry leading features, such as: – agentless technology, FIPS 140-2 certification, deduplication, and more.

About the Author: Susan Dixon is a Marketing Director at SaveNet Solutions, an Asigra powered cloud online data backup and disaster recovery company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


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