iPod Touch is supported while iPad is under development; compatible with iOS version 4.3 or higher

Feb. 19, 2013 — Vembu’s StoreGrid has finally released the iOS App, which most partners and customers were waiting for. Vembu is also working on to improve the overall user experience, to make the new app more user-friendly and is asking its partners to provide comments/feedback.

StoreGrid iOS APP


StoreGrid iOS APP

Here’s a sneak glimpse of the StoreGrid iOS app.

 Login to the admin console

Login to your StoreGrid with the option to access server admin account and reseller account.

 Dashboard Tab


The dashboard gives you a single point of view of the backup reports, current activities and current usage of storage and licences.

Account Management Tab

The Accounts tab allows you to edit allotted space for specific user of both admin and reseller access. You can also view reseller, customer, client and backup account details.

Events Tab 

View the events by it’s severity. You can change the severity options from settings and also choose to view any specific module like backup, restore or replication.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to customize the backup report, choose your required events module and set the severity criteria.

StoreGrid iOS FAQs:

1. What kind of report the StoreGrid iOS App give?

StoreGrid iOS app provides complete information  about backup reports, current activities, server storage utilization levels and license usage in the server.

2. Why should I  go for StoreGrid App?

StoreGrid iOS app provides easy manageability of backup server from your iOS device. Currently, via StoreGrid app you can view and edit storage levels and view details of license usage, backup size,etc.

3.What kind of iPhone and which version of iOS do I need?

StoreGrid iOS app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and it works with iOS version 4.3 or higher.

4. Does the app work on iPads?

iPad app is currently under development stage.

5. What about the iPod Touch?

Yes, it is supported.

6. Can I have one mobile device access multiple StoreGrid accounts?

Yes, you can check multiple StoreGrid account from a single iPhone/iPod device, but one account at a time.

7. How secure is the connection between StoreGrid and the iPhone?

Communication between the StoreGrid backup server and the iPhone app happens through Secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocol.

8. Is my password stored on the iPhone?
Yes, you do store the StoreGrid authentication details in the app, and this password is stored in encrypted format.

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