By Sajesh Krishnadas, Associate, Product Management at Vembu Technologies
February 22, 2013

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Questions to Ask when Choosing a File Sharing Solution for your Business

File sharing solutions integrated into cloud must be easy to use and secure if they are to gain popularity within the organization. Believe me, making your solution popular is critical to your business health, at the same time data breaches can ruin your business and even close it down!  So, what are the right questions you must ask?

1      Is the file sharing application user friendly and simple to use? The file sharing solution must be capable of being used with ease by the novice and the expert within the organization. A solution that is difficult will soon be pushed aside in favor of third party solutions over which the organization has no control.

2      Does the file sharing solution change user work processes drastically? Ideally, it should not. Users take a long time to learn to use a system and they are resistant to change. If the cloud file sharing solution is very different from the applications commonly used by employees, the learning curve will be huge and employees will have a tendency to stick to the solutions they are familiar with.

3      Is the file sharing solution extendable?  The interface should permit the employee communicate with external to the enterprise databases and applications. For instance, an employee should be able to communicate with a supplier or customer from within the business cloud sync application without having to boot up a new application for the purpose.

4      Are there adequate controls on file sharing and can it be managed by the IT Administrator? The shared files and folders and communications within and outside the department should be capable of being managed by the IT administrator, who manages the cloud solution. This is an important requirement as IT is responsible for the safety and security of all digital assets of the enterprise and answerable for regulatory compliance to legal mandates that are applicable to the information generated and managed by the organization. The managed file sharing solution should not allow ad hoc file transfers and should ensure that data is always transmitted over the network with encryption protocols in place.

Of course, there are many more vital questions that can be asked and answered, but if you do not ask the above questions about your cloud file sharing solution, you could have a problem in the long run.

About the Author: Sajesh Krishnadas, Business Analyst – Product Management for SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing, sync and collaboration solution aimed exclusively for MSPs and Resellers who would like to offer it as a value added service for their business customers. It enables business users to stay connected from anywhere & anytime, share effortlessly and work smarter to get things done.

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