By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions
February 25, 2013

SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Common Mistakes in Planning Disaster Recovery

There are a number of common mistakes that are committed by organizations setting out to create their first digital disaster recovery plans in a world driven by cloud backups and virtualisations.

  1. Organizations do not pause to understand or analyze their data. Data generated within the enterprise is viewed as an amorphous whole and attempts are made to save all kinds of data in cloud backups without regard to their importance or criticality or otherwise to the organization.  It should be remembered that all data is not critical. Only data that will bring the business to a standstill is mission- critical. Mission-critical data must be identified and saved offsite in cloud backups for instant recovery at all times. Other data can be saved in local repositories that facilitate recovery over time.
  2. Organizations often forget to set a recovery time objective (RTO) and a recovery point objective (RPO) for their cloud backup. RTO is the minimum outage time that can be afforded by the business without loss of business or reputation. RPO is a point in time up to which data is mission-critical for the organization’s business.  Beyond this point data may be re-categorized as historical and can be recovered at leisure for statistical and decision making purposes. The RTO and RPO are important elements to be considered while designing the disaster recovery plan.
  3. It is important to have a realistic estimate of the RTO and RPO.
  4. Efforts must be made to understand the distinction between High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Disaster recovery is availability of information across data centers/ servers/ locations. High availability is resiliency within a single site/ data center or location.
  5. Organizations tier their servers and forget about inter-dependencies while planning for disaster recovery. There is a tendency to focus on individual technologies and ignore inter-dependencies. A disaster recovery plan for cloud backup requires a holistic view of the system and the interconnections.
  6. Organizations often fail to get executive buy in to their cloud backup based disaster recovery plan. As a result, the disaster recovery plans are not considered a priority feature while selecting the cloud backup and recovery service.
  7. Most often than not, disaster recovery is post facto to a cloud backup and recovery service purchase. Disaster recovery must be factored in even before a cloud backup service is considered and cost of DR must be evaluated in the OPEX estimation.
  8. DR is no longer event driven.  It is an insurance policy and premiums must be paid everyday to ensure the life of the policy.

SaveNet Solutions, powered by Asigra is an Irish cloud backup and disaster recovery company. SaveNet’s solution is specifically designed for Mid-sized to Enterprise organizations. SaveNet offers numerous value-added solutions, coupled with industry leading features, such as: – agentless technology, FIPS 140-2 certification, deduplication, and more.

About the Author: Lorcan Cunningham is a Managing Director at SaveNet Solutions, an Asigra powered cloud online data backup and disaster recovery company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


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